Minutes for 11/06/2012

Old Business - Review of minutes
1) No objections to meeting time of 1 p.m. every other Tuesday
2) Welcome to Shelly Fratzke, MCVSD#51, who will represent the school library interests on this committee
Action Items: ● Jimmy, Oak, and Karen will send an email to directors re: mission and importance of the ASC (not done from last meeting; will be done before 11/20)

3 Overdue fines - no further comments were received; Keith,has made changes to the tables. Jimmy sent a report to the directors outlining the changes. The changes made will affect books checked out as of November 1 (anything previously checked out will be using the old rules). If you see any problems, contact Keith, and he will make the necessary adjustments.

4 Load balancing - no further comments were received; Keith has made the changes as of 10/31. Jimmy sent a report to the directors outlining the changes. These changes will take effect immediately; Mesa County has seen a doubling of volume (now spending 6 hrs/day pulling holds) and Western has noticed a decrease in the number of holds. We will check back with libraries at the beginning of December to make sure the new changes continue to work for everyone.

5 Clarification of circulation stats - “virtual” refers to online transactions only, it makes more sense to look at just checkouts for calculating courier numbers, “Arapahoe Library District” row appears to be a summary bucket for all Prospector transactions; committee members are okay with leaving this as a summary bucket and labeling it as Non-Marmot Prospector transactions (or something similar); or adding each individual library, whichever is easier. Karen Neville & Jimmy Thomas will be meeting with CLiC and III to make sure we are accurately collecting and reporting statistics for the courier. The goal is to make it possible for CLiC to run a report and gather statistics for Marmot libraries. Marmot libraries would still have to report SWIFT and OCLC traffic on the courier.

New Business:
1) Strategic plan - the documents on the Marmot website are generated by the directors and are not prioritized - need clarification and input from the committee.
Action Item: ● All Committee Members, will review the ASC sections of the strategic plan and be ready to discuss any additions, deletions, edits, and questions for clarification at a future (likely 12/4) meeting.
2) Reconciliation among Prospector libraries - now is the time when Prospector libraries are compiling those reports.
Action Item: ● Karen will ask David Britt (Arapahoe Library District - Prospector Doc. Delivery Chair) to join us for the next ASC meeting to answer questions.
3) Best Practices - questions about which version of the PPH best practices document is current
Action Items: ● Oak will circulate the latest version to the ASC ● Jimmy will make sure the latest copy is updated to the Marmot website

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2012, November 6
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