Minutes for 09/15/2015

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:30


MUG Update (Mark)

At MUG Jordan and Mark gave the presentation many of us have seen at previous meetings, they also discussed who was in cohort 1 and the projects those members planned to feature. They gave a surprise, live demonstration of a test repository derived from Bud Werner’s Mandala on the Yampa project.  Mark then featured the test repository for attendees.

Islandora Demo (Jordan)

After Mark’s demo, Jordan jumped over to the administration interface to feature how Islandora was organized and how a project might look from a library staff person’s point of view.  In essence a collection is organized like a blog post.  It starts with a name and a description of the collection and then artifacts are added to it like images, text, etc.  

Metadata is input into the MODs framework via a simple form and then automatically translated into other schemas.  Dublin Core is already built into the software, but we can add as many schemas as we want.  The Collection Policy feature will allow us to limit our collections as to who can view and do what (download images, etc.).

Jordan is still working on the customization of the forms staff will see when entering data.  Construction of these forms will be based on the metadata requirements set forth by Marmot as a whole and then be further customized based on an individual project’s needs.

Everything is exported into XML.  

Jordan will work with individual libraries as to the number of user accounts an institution would need and associated permissions.  Most will most likely only need an administrator and staff account.  We can also create a limited access account for volunteers.

Copyright Workshop Discussion (Jordan)

Jordan reviewed the Project Information Summaries that were filled out by Cohort 1 members and a number of us had copyright questions.  Jordan suggests that we organize a copyright workshop led by a professional to answer our questions.  If any of us have suggestions as to whom might be a good candidate to lead such a workshop, please pass it onto Jordan.  Once she has made contact and has a sense of how long such a workshop might run, she’ll work on scheduling.

Future Efforts

Mark and Jordan hope to have a tentative timeline in place by our next meeting.  Between now and then they will also be touching base with Marmots that have expressed an interest in being part of cohort 1, but have not defined a project.  Most likely we will start with the Red Book and then move onto similar projects like Three Wire Winter.


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, September 15
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