Minutes for 03/01/2016

Discovery Committee Meeting 1 March, 2016 Minutes

Demo of new features/bug fixes to be released

  • Mark demoed new functionality and bug fixes for this next release. This included:
    • Availability within branch not showing properly now fixed. Available facet fixed as well. This includes a new Admin setting to “Include all library branches in facets” as well as options for including all records in shelving facets and date added facets. Can add other nearby locations as well if desired.
    • Paying fines improvement: there is now an option to refresh fines in order to show the current balance. Showing the refresh account button is an option you can now check in Admin (the default is to have it checked).
    • Email/texting records: does not include shelf or call number location if you do not own it.
    • Placing holds: correct date now shown for when to automatically cancel a hold.
    • New patron setting: can configure how the patron name is displayed; i.e. last name, first; first initial, last, etc. The name in Pika will update after Sierra modification.
    • Local History Archive: starting to get data loaded now.

Next Sprint

  • Linked data testing tool – using schema.org
  • Digital Archive – more work in explore more bar, Ebsco EDS integration (for those who have EDS).

Library Updates:

  • Longmont onboard officially April 1, 2016
  •  Mark and Pascal will be at Code4Lib conference 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, March 1
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