Pika Release Notes for 07/07/2016

Pika release notes 2016.06.0 release

Released on 7/7/2016

New Functionality

  • AR and Lexile data can now be shown in search results and in the top section of full record view based on new settings in library settings.


  • Update Wake County to determine target audience based on collection code


  • Move breadcrumbs below header and more clearly differentiate where you are in the system (Catalog / Archive / Genealogy / Account)


  • Allow login via CAS (currently available to Fort Lewis Only)

    • New login form

    • Detection if a user is already logged in

    • Login to Sierra after authenticating in CAS

    • Logout of CAS when logging out of Pika

  • CARL.X integration

  • Initial setup of test server

  • Login to CARL.X

  • Load patron information from CARL.X

  • Load titles on hold from CARL.X

  • Load titles checked out from CARL.X

  • Update Patron profile

  • Allow a list of filenames to be specified for an indexing profile to give more control over which files should be processed.  Filename supports regular expressions.

Digital archive work in Pika

  • Display of Postcards within Pika.  Front and Back of the postcard can both be viewed and both sides can be zoomed.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Export from Sierra to use new API functionality which should be faster than the old method.  Should eliminate cases where we miss updates because there are too many changes.

  • Updated Sierra settings to allow Marmot users to update their home library.

  • Fixed “More from the Catalog” link from Explore More for objects in the archive when there are a large number of Librarian Picks.


  • Removed restriction that words appeared in the same order when finding relevant objects for Explore More (caused problems for related people especially).

  • Fixed so vertically oriented images can be zoomed all the way out.

  • Centered options within explore more sidebar for better presentation.

  • Improved formatting of explore more bar within search results (better centered options and controls).


  • Do not show entities in Explore More Bar when searching the archive.

  • Suppress content within specific test namespaces within the archive.

  • Use genre field rather than model to determine format and rename to Type.

  • Separate out people with roles into a Production Team bar.  Do not show images for those people and collapse the section by default.  

  • Do not show explore more bar when the search is just for a material type (i.e. do not show explore more bar when clicking on a list of videos).

eContent Sideload setups

  • Sideloading of Zinio (and Zinio Back Issues) for Marmot

  • Setup of OneClick Digital for Longmont

Other changes

  • Updated Logo for CMC

  • SSL enabled for Anythink (all libraries now have SSL available).

  • Nina Heald Webber Collection import completed

  • Moved Obituary information from production server to test server so more obituaries appear

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Tuesday, 2016, July 5
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