Minutes for 01/26/2016

MAC meeting minutes for 1/26/16

To-dos from January meeting

  • Mary will set up meeting to further discuss browsing functions for Pika
  • Gayle will set up meeting to further discuss using lists in Pika
  • Next meeting 2/23, always the fourth Tuesday on the month @ 1pm.
  • February’s meeting will focus on marketing and outreach efforts, please have anyone join who is interested or who can speak to their marketing and outreach efforts.

Meeting Conversations:

  • Martha- It’s 1:01 in Durango, let’s get going. Mark from Marmot is with us today, so could the first update be a report from Mark on any new Pika functionality?
  • Mark-Lots of mobile stuff, a few bug fixes, more coming on the next sprint.
  • Martha- Explaining that each month Marmot rolls out new functionality
  • Mark- Everybody is encouraged to come to Discovery committee, a few things coming this time, mostly Arlington mobile fixes. (Note: next Discovery Committee Meeting 2/2/16 from 1-2:30pm)
  • Martha- People interested in Browsing function, could we form new sub-committee?
  • Mark- Would like to define what we want in a catalog, what it should do.
  • Martha- Recommending that Jamie (CMU) and Mary (Adam’s) be on a Pika browse subcommittee. Could Martha set this meeting up?
  • Mary- Sure Martha- Another issue is working with lists. Would Gayle be interested in coordinating a subcommitteetype thing on lists?
  • Gayle- I will follow up with the list group. Mary- I’d like to be a part too. Gayle will spearhead making that meeting
  • Martha- I have something to show, something that cracked me up. Ft. Lewis has ebooks on Ebrary, and wanted to compare two results that she found, and share her frustrations with Pika functionality. She searched Ebrary and received the small amount of books that they had content on, then Pika catalog gave 62,000 results for the same search. This highlights her frustration.
  • Mark- E-content facet could be used
  • Martha- it’s such a huge discrepancy, basic philosophy is different than what we need in an academic library.
  • Christine- has been seeing this for a long time and finds that amusing/frustrating.
  • Mark will share screen-he shows the facet to find only books in Ebrary under e-content search
  • Lloyd- it’s not searching the correct fields. No search functionality there. Karen- Keyword doesn’t search publisher in Classic and Pika does? 2 sets of indexes, so you will get different results Lloyd- 935 field that Pika is including unnecessarily
  • Karen- Publisher field is the problem, 264 field. 260 is a field that in not indexed in classic
  • Martha- it’s not coming from that field Mark- it’s not meant to match classic. Best way to search is through facet
  • Martha- it’s a brave new world, get used to it! (said to herself)
  • Mark- side loading of e-content, they will be working on that coming up.
  • Martha- Serials display- some is the fault of our records, but not all. Are there others who’d like to talk off line about this? How it’s displayed?
  • Mary- Serials librarian at Adam’s might be interested.
  • Martha- Asks Mindy from CMC, Becky not here to give call back. Maybe Dina can tell us a bit about what happened at the instruction librarian subcommittee meeting a few weeks back.
  • Tammy- Sean from Champlain College gave an overview of faculty modules they’ve developed.
  • Dina- Thought it was worthwhile. Martha- could people get some feedback about how the meeting went.
  • Martha- get in touch with
  • Becky- her email is bkramer@coloradomtn.edu
  • Jay- Chimed in on the instruction meeting, said it was really useful and is looking forward to having more. So far we’re planning to do it at least once a semester, but there was talk of twice a semester. I really liked inviting someone from outside the consortium to talk about what they’re up to.
  • Kevin here- Follow up on the board, extensive meeting last week. Next council meeting will focus on strategic and long term growth planning. Different groups will break out. We will redefine and clarify the mission and its goals, how we’re all functioning as a group, examine new criteria for new members. New technology input. One thing specific to academic. What kind of voice we have and how do we not get dwarfed. Sustainable growth plan for Marmot. Should be interesting, council will work hard to bring great new documents that will take us into the future. Refresh the focus.
  • When will council meeting be? 21st and 22nd of April, end of that week. Originally looking at having it in Salida, but it will probably be elsewhere. Please contact Kevin with ideas that we all might have. (kwilliams@coloradomtn.edu)
  • Martha feels that there’s more growth opportunity for academic libraries.
  • Kevin- How big do we want to get? Those are the types of questions to send their way. Martha believes the more academics we can get the more likely our chances of academics being able to get their own system.
  • Gayle- Thanks to Kevin for being on the board!
  • Kevin- Misses Gayle on the board Kevin- Whoever might want to be part of the board, think about it.
  • Martha- exciting to see the process evolving. Kevin- We’ve been in this situation before, and if we all take a deep breath and represent the biggest picture we can think of, we can help with strategic planning.
  • Martha- Next meeting ideas. We can bring in those who do marketing of library services
  • Gayle- I like that topic, tomorrow a schoolwide marketing session will be had at CCU
  • Tammy- Would anybody be interested about bringing in public libraries?
  • Gayle- We reach out in a different way.
  • Martha- We could do a larger full group but we do such different things, but in the future we should have a bigger group talking and sharing these ideas.
  • Kevin- Bigger discussion, maybe pull in public library outreach at a later date.
  • Martha- Lets make that a subtext of our next meeting, it will be a positive thing. Could everyone find folks that would want to be on that call, and have that as our theme? Yes,

Round Robin- What’s new at your library? Or what have you been working on?

  • Kevin @ CMC Steamboat-CMC started using Hoopla, thinks they’re the first academic in Marmot consortium to use it. Good results so far. This is a great streaming video, audio streaming with a popular focus, as well as fiction and non-fiction titles. Biggest suck up of bandwidth is Netflix. Mindy @ CMC Glenwood Springs- 144 patrons signed up since Dec. Videos are most popular. Titles are always available, never checked out. We pay as we use them. Each patron can have 20 checkouts per month.
  • Christine- We’ve also been using it, especially audio books. It’s been nice to steer them to Hoopla for the break.
  • Mary Walsh- do they push content? Or is Collection development included in the process?
  • Kevin- it’s basically Patron driven acquisition built into the model
  • Jay @ CMU talks about CMU library grand re-opening. Invites everyone to come visit when they get a chance.
  • Gayle @ CCU- A new chapel has been planned to be built in the present library space, which started a large weeding process. Pulled 20,000 titles, list came from things that had never circ-ed since 2000. We’re still sitting here waiting but are in a good position for next move. At some point we will be moving, they will scrape the existing building and rebuilding from scratch.
  • Q-Will you get a new library?
  • Gayle- First we’ll move to a temp space, then a new library plan for a new library building will take place. Mary- How many weeded of 20,000?
  • Gayle- that was the total weeded Karen- actually weeded about 22,000. 38,000 volumes were looking at pulling 75% of the 38,000 Collective wow!, from the audience
  • Mary @ Adam’s State- Still have a marketing position open, so not doing a lot with that now. 2nd year of seed library, having a seed share this Sunday.
  • Gayle- Would it be possible to have adjunct librarians take on a Marketing position at Adam’s?
  • Martha- For sure, and attractive to administrators.
  • Martha @ Ft. Lewis- Ft. Lewis is looking for a tech services librarian, will post this week. Looking at a lot of their processes and evaluate them. It was Lloyd’s idea to have librarians do Col. Dev, begin adding those titles to our PDA account. Part of our move to ebook preference. We’ll try it for a while. Evidence shows that these books probably won’t be used a whole lot.
  • Nicole @ Western- Just hired a night manager! Just getting them going this week. We are now getting ebooks from both Elsevier and Springer.
  • Martha- Ask marketing and outreach people to join us on the next meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned. 
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Tuesday, 2016, January 26
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