Minutes for 02/26/2014

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda and notes Wednesday, February 26, 2014 

Old Business:

  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics Mary Katherine mentioned that the cataloging standards need to be finalized and published, especially since many members are signing up for cataloging with SkyRiver. She will make some time to access the google doc that Alysa created and push to get these ready for approval at our next meeting.
  • (Penny)—Redundant order records--order records that trigger duplicate bibs Brief order records are still a concern with the number of duplicate records in our database.
  • Shelly asked how long should it take for the order bibs to be overlaid.
  • Amy (GarCo) responded that many times order records are created for titles months before publication so it can be 6 months or more before the item is received, cataloged and the brief order bib removed.
  • Alysa described the acquisitions and cataloging workflow followed by Bud staff. While labor intensive, it seems as though their process reduces the chance of duplicates being created. She mentioned that “headings reports weren’t working” and was asked by Mary Katherine to provide some details on this.
  • Headings reports appears to be working; however, the results aren’t accurate. Alysa sees titles on the list that should have found a match in the database which makes her wonder if the overlay command in the load table is working correctly. Mary Katherine will follow up on this.
  • (Mark)—Record Grouping functionality Mark was not in attendance.
  • Amy reported that development in record grouping continues with a group of Marmot members meeting regularly with Mark. Mark has also been doing a number of usability studies which provide insight into how patrons and staff use the public catalog.
  • Possible time for roll-out of a new interface for Vu-Find with record grouping is the end of March.

New business:

  • (Karen) GMD in RDA/Millennium With RDA format records, the general material designator in subfield h of the 245 is no longer included. Information on material format is contained within other marc fields (300, 336, 337, 338, possibly 655 or 5XX) as well as the mat type code in the bib record.
  • Mark is aware of the changes and is adjusting Vu-Find. As de-dupers, we all need to pay very close attention to the formats.
  • Mary Katherine has received several complaints in recent weeks about records being merged incorrectly, primarily for DVD and Blue ray formats.
  • (Shannon)—Decision center saves information about withdrawn items? Yes, DC does store data on withdrawn items, numbers not a list of titles. The report shown in the meeting was not well-received, as it only reported the number for all sites in one total. **Editor’s note:
  • In Decision Center, under “Evaluation” and “Collection” there are 2 “deleted items” reports under “Item trends.” They can be narrowed down by material type. Once exported to Excel, you can remove the data that doesn’t pertain to your library. The difference between the “Owning location” report and the “Shelf location” report is that the Shelf location report provides data on the individual location codes within your library and the “owning location” report provides data for the entire library not by location code.
  • (Alysa)—RDA --update bib record templates for creating new bibs Alysa asked that the “Marmot” templates for original cataloging be updated with RDA fields.
  • Mary Katherine will put this on her to-do list.
  • (MK) Cataloging Standards - we need to get these finalized and published This was addressed in old business.


  • (MK) Number of item records attached to periodicals. Bucket 237 – “k journal titles, not electronic resources” (periodicals) contains 19 titles with more than 500 items attached. 500 seems to be the point at which display in individual scopes is negatively affected.
  • Mark has suggested creating duplicate bibs for some of these titles and transferring items for various libraries to the “new” bibs.
  • After some discussion, a possible plan was approved that would make this feasible and not cause problems.
  • Jamie suggested creating a duplicate and adding the library’s 2 letter site code to the end of the OCLC number in the 001. i.e. 24653187cm This would retain the correct OCLC number and keep the record from being overlaid.
  • Shannon at WSCU volunteered to work with Mary Katherine on the process to make this happen.
  • Jamie also mentioned there is an overlay command that can be put in a 949 marc tag that will force the system to match an incoming bib to an existing bib and cause an overlay, reducing the chance for a bib dupe.
  • (MK) Batch printing of spine labels in Sierra Marcie Beard at CMC Quigley asked about this and Mary Katherine will see that she receives training in it.
  • Mary Katherine showed the process for those in the group that aren’t aware of the process. The ability to be able to scan barcodes into a create list was mentioned.
  • MK will make this an enhancement request in Sierra.
  • (MK) possible session on create lists at MUG in Sept. Would be a session that will require registration.
  • We also discussed the need for more huge buckets in create lists. Having only one of 500,000 isn’t enough.
  • Editor’s note: I looked at the possibility of creating another huge bucket from the number we already have. It would require using almost all of our small buckets (1,000 – 10,000) to do this and we need small buckets also. I’ll see if Jimmy feels we have budget to purchase more.
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2014, February 26
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