Minutes for 10/18/2016

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:30

Request for Minutes

CAL Presentation - (Martha)

  • Presentation is at Thursday the 20th at 12:45pm in the Maple room. Mark and Jordan’s presentation is at Saturday the 22th at 10:45am.

Organization Logos - Explanation of when they are displayed (Jordan)

  • Jordan reviewed the Acknowledgments Sidebar for the digital archive. This document (linked above) shows the order that acknowledgements will appear in the archive, and defines the rules for what shows up.

Status of CO/WY State Hub (Jordan & Alysa)

  • This was an all day meeting to see if a regional archive hub for Colorado and Wyoming can be created for the Digital Public Library.
    • Hub Application
    • DPL is ready for an application from the group, which the group will start writing in November. Marmot would be part of the original cohort.
    • Apps built from our data
    • rightsstatements.org - DPLA requests
    • DPL is also encouraging the use of the rights statements found at rightsstatements.org to standardize copyright, these will be added to the repository’s metadata at a later date.

Islandora Update (Jordan)

  • Three collections were launched: Cattlemen's Days in Gunnison, Nina Heald Webber Postcard Collection from Fort Lewis, and the Local History Collection from Eagle Valley.
  • Gunnison created a browse categories for Cattlemen's Days, Fort Lewis using the mapping feature, and Eagle Valley has an organization by place module available. Jordan has now placed live links in the metadata forms.

Pika update (Mark)

  • The acknowledgments sidebar is almost fully coded, image maps are now working (see the  Vail Vintage Quilt project for an example.) The browse by town module can easily be made into a browse by anything module (people, events, etc.) Metadata is being combined for books and pages, see the Quilt Project and Eagle Valley’s Red Book for more examples. Jordan mentioned sharing between collections is not yet live; when it is live libraries will be able to include or exclude records from other libraries if they want.

Islandora Camp Review (Mark & Jordan)

  • Islandora CLAW is the next version of Islandora designed to work with Fedora 4, XML forms will be going away, and there should be more linked functionality and better Drupal integration. The first formats available in CLAW will be images and books. Mark and Jordan presented their current Islandora/Pika configuration to the group and it was well received.

Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

  1. Adams State - IP authentication for theses being worked on.

  2. Bud Werner - Started Marketing plan.

  3. CCU - Not there

  4. EVLD - Not there

  5. Fort Lewis - No sound

  6. Garfield - Not there

  7. Gunnison - Not there

  8. Mesa County - Not there

  9. Pine River - Just starting their video interviews project.

  10. Salida - Adding photos for Centennial collection and using Rev.com for transcriptions.

  11. Vail - Meeting with the Ski Museum, they will start using rev.com to get transcriptions for their interviews and share content.

  12. Western State - Still waiting on their migration to Islandora.

  13. Others

  14. Questions               

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, October 18
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