Meeting Minutes for 04/18/2017

Digital Archive Committee - Minutes

Tuesday, April 18, 2017   1:00 – 2:00 PM

Islandora & Pika Update:

  • Display mode now for Covers or List in archive. Sharing archive collections has been enabled, so you can now uncheck the “Hide Collections from Other Libraries” box.
  • Contributing Library facet has been added, as well.
  • Use the “Clear Cache” button if Islandora changes are not showing up in Pika.
  • “Add to List” is functional from the “more information” pop ups.
  • Sharing can be turned on in the archive even if you have no Islandora collection.


  • We will add an agenda item about New Live Collections.
  • We have a spreadsheet of collections and documentation of instructions; Jordan will send out the links.

New Maiden Name Conventions

  • Nicknames are in quotes, maiden names will be put into parentheses.

Alysa on vacation

  • Jordan will facilitate while Alysa is on vacation.

New Chair Election in May

  • Anyone interested in the chair position? Feel free to nominate yourself or others!

Round Robin Updates:

  • Adams State: Has been looking at the archive by way of Google!
  • Bud Werner: Chipping away at project and moving forward.
  • CCU: Had a collection launch this month!
  • Fort Lewis College: Volumes 2 through 4 are live of the postcard collection. Plugging along through 5 and 6, and getting student work on deck to add in as a new collection.
  • Gunnison: Working on more oral histories! Digitizing a local cookbook. Local organizations are approaching them with new projects.
  • Mesa County: Mesa County is working on interviewing additional veterans. We’re adding library owned art and our fishing flies collection to the archive.  Making progress on the Museum’s oral history digital conversion process to eventually add to archive
  • Pitkin County: Not quite started on any projects yet, but they have some leads.
  • Salida: Working on Chaffee County assessor’s cards, which include pictures of historic homes.
  • Vail: Sara Francis is helping to add art objects to map and completing entities. Vail continues to work on oral histories.
  • Western State: Haven’t launched yet; waiting for searchability of nicknames and maiden names in (hopefully) May.
  • Sara Francis (Marmot intern): Started building the Art in Vail collection.  4 weeks left in her internship and she will likely do a little more work for Eagle, too. May will be her last meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 16, 1:00-2:00pm

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, April 18
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