Meeting Minutes for 09/19/2017

Digital Archive September 19, 2017  

MUG is coming up, Jordan, Alysa and Lacy will meet. They will be at MUG or the dream café. Guided lunches on Thursday.  

Lacy attended a grant seminar. Ironically, sponsoring the organization is depleted of funding but the workshop was very valuable. Sometimes we don’t discuss how workflows are affected by the archive and various archive projects. Preservation and digitization are connected and grant seminar was about preserving what you already have. Do not accept materials you can’t preserve. Covered Federal as well as smaller projects that might be available. Lacy is writing two grants for less than $5000.00.   

See PowerPoint  

This was helpful in establishing priorities and learning about more tools, funding sources, institutional versus foundation.   

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Think about the person that will actually be reviewing your grant when writing a grant.  

Preservation priorities:
How to pair all of those resources together. There is a google folder available, Lacy will share with those that are interested.  

Jordan and Mark:

  • New developments from Mark
  • Mark: Mesa oral history project shows an example for compound objects. So, different objects, including multi part interviews and other media, can be merged together. 
  • Jordan: Talks about the project and the need for better metadata descriptions.
  • Alysa asks if work that is already done needs to be redone, Jordan mentioned that things can be shared as collection or added to compound objects.
  • Noel asks: with compound objects the term “compound” is not clear. Can we change the wording to be more clear?
  • Jordan: This has come up before, there are so many different types of documents that it is challenging. We might just find a more universal label like “multimedia” or “digital archival material” because individual material types are too many in number and compound objects can be multimedia. The “explore more” options could provide more explanation. 
  • Question: Do libraries need to let Marmot know if they need compound objects added to their projects as an object type?
  • Jordan says that depending on what types of projects you have will determine what types of objects are available. So they can set up compound objects for those that want them.
  • A question came up about Joel’s workflow for oral history project. Joel says that he uploaded interview, then entities, then metadata where compound object was created. 
  • Jordan encourages everyone to talk about workflows and that can benefit other libraries.

Mark: Bug Fixes:

  • Archive sharing was turned off for some libraries, facets were showing other library’s collections.  This has been fixed
  • Robots.textfiles have been fixed. Islandora is not a means for discovery Wikipedia content wasn’t showing, section can be disabled.
  • Some related archive collections were improperly showing, some parent child relationships were showing up as both (for person entities) they are showing correctly now. Some related objects were not showing when not specified in Islandora.
  • Nicole: The theses that are cataloged,are showing in google but archive only content is not showing up. 
  • Mark: we are currently not publishing linked data in the archive but the request is to publish linked data for the archive.
  • Jordan: We are in the middle of an archive cleanup project.
  • Link provided for 15 items and efforts have been redirected back to the archive. A few metadata fields have disappeared and they are working on that.
  • Lacy: From her grant meeting, a couple of people are interested in DPLA and joining that project.
  • Jordan: Must be associated with a library that is working with the state library to get things to DPLA. So, Marmot is one way that people can interface with DPLA. Hopefully, some objects will show up in DPLA by the time that they present at MUG.
  • Alysa: Local museum is trying to get materials into the archive too via Bud.

Lacy: Round robin

  • Bud: Staff turnover on the ref desk has caused a delay but the new staff are learning and will continue. Bud will fit the bill because it works philosophically with Bud, they will keep the costs.
  • Lacy: lost two volunteers. Combining library cards with the school district
  • Fort Lewis: not much new trying to get student work repository in Islandora
  • Mesa: local author and poet Louis Lopez with guitar by Joseph Sanchez Local artist etchings for a children’s book First batch of cassette tapes for oral history project; Joel says that they now have 60 or so of the oral histories. Long project but well underway test to live sometime next month Question: How do you get tapes to computer? Joel uses Scarlet 2, 2 module pre-amp that converts from cassette to digital. Using studio 1 and noise reduction software to clean up the tapes. Noise reduction software is very effective. $230 or so for “Scarlett” device. Vail: Huge turnover in staff and now training staff for input; new MLS grad is helping out.
  • CMC: Had a very successful presentation of our digital archive project at a college event last Friday. CMC is using the new history book as a narrative guide for the project that includes a huge variety of historical content in various media types. It is a long project ahead but we’re very excited about it. Several people have been involved in this project including Sara Francis, who has been a tremendous help in Islandora, along with John Major, Mindy White and Christine Whittington.
  • Jordan: said that she’s been getting good feedback from the event and there might be potential to find more materials from other locals that have reached out. 

Meeting End 

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, September 19
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