Library Systems, Services, and Sharing

Marmot hosts an integrated library system, maintains a union catalog of 1.7m titles, and provides related services for public, academic, and school libraries in Colorado. 



III and Marmot APIs

Overdrive APIs and Marmot

VuFind: Since 2010 Marmot has enhanced and supported open source VuFind. Marmot developed new features for a multi-type consortium using Millennium/Sierra; implemented the "Douglas County Model" for ebook ownership and circulation (see Evoke Task Force); and integrated OverDrive and other digital resources according to ReadersFirst principles. See "VuFind Documentation" and OverDrive API news.

Prospector: In 2011 most Marmot libraries joined the Prospector regional union catalog hosted by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. This project, substantially funded by the Institute of Museum & Library Services, eases patron-initiated resource sharing between Front Range and Western Slope libraries. See "Marmot Prospector Project 2011".

Cataloging: From 2012 to 2013 Marmot evaluated SkyRiver and OCLC Cataloging and Metadata. With competitive pricing and features, Marmot libraries can use either cataloging source to meet union catalog quality standards. Marmot partnered with the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) to make SkyRiver very affordable for Colorado libraries.

Marmot E-Rate RFP information

Marmot User Group (MUG)

Marmot Annual Reports & Newsletters.


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