Meeting Minutes for 05/15/2018

Digital Archive Committee Minutes
May 15, 2018
1:00 PM

  1. Minutes - Tammy Poquette
  • Tammy will be taking the minutes for this meeting  
  • Looking for volunteers to take minutes for future meetings
  • Contact Brandon Cole at to volunteer
  1. Change in staffing at Marmot (Sean & Brandon)
  • After Friday, May 18, Mark Noble and Jordan Fields are moving on to other career opportunities.
  • Marmot will be redistributing some job duties.
    • Moving the majority of Digital Archives responsibilities to User Services
    • The User Services team will be getting up to speed over the next few weeks to be able to provide service
    • We think this will take some of the pressure off Pascal and Ashley
    • This will still be a two team effort with R & D and User Services
    • We will be working closely with the member experts to make sure we are up to speed on everything
    • User Services and Ashley have been working with Jordan to learn everything about the process
    • User Services will be taking over and managing the Digital Archive meetings & attending the Archive training for Telluride
    • Please have patience as we learning about the process 
    • If you have something specific you want us to know, reach out to User Services or
    • Marmot will try to make this transition as seamless as possible
  1. DPLA Data Ingest (Brandon & Pascal)
  • Jordan’s departure will not delay the DPLA project
  • Leigh from the Colorado State Library let us know that DPLA is close to being able to put our content into DPLA
  • DPLA asked us to adjust a few things that Pascal will be working on in the next couple of weeks
  • DPLA has a good sampling of the data
  1. Acting Chair (Brandon)
  • Brandon Cole will be the acting Chair in the interim 
  • The process is that someone volunteers and the group votes 
    • That person has to be approved by the President of the Board
    • Brandon working as the active Chair will take care of this process 
  • R & D will continue to have a presence in these meetings
    • Ashley will be the R & D representative
    • Pascal may listen in to the meetings
  • Marmot will be looking at the Digital Archives as the two pieces
    • The Islandora piece will be User Services
    • The Pika piece will be R & D
  1. What would the committee like to address at next meeting?

Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

  • Adams State
    • Mary was getting ready to upload some Theses to Islandora, and was hoping to contact Jordan about training
    • Whom do we talk to about training now?
      • Contact Brandon Cole for training
  • Aspencat 
  • Bud Werner
    • John and Alysa are working on the Three Wire Winter project
    • They have trained on of their newest reference staff members on the project
  • CMC
    • The CMC librarians are planning to get together in June with Sara Francis to have the training on Islandora
    • Kevin is the only person from CMC who has used Islandora
    • They will be working on the CMC History Book project
  • Englewood
  • EVLD
  • Fort Lewis
    • They were able to get all their Vitico Dam photos enter into Islandora
    • Eric is doing a quality check on the metadata
    • This project should go live by Friday, May 18
    • The next project is 2000 photos from their Southwest Center at Fort Lewis
  • Gunnison
    • Officially wrapped up the Cattlemen’s Days project
    • Jill is working on gathering research for their next project which is going to be a survey of all the cemeteries in Gunnison County 
    • Trying to get some community buy-in to get people to submit photographs
    • Maria is working on the Oral History project 
  • Mesa County
    • Elizabeth is working on the Studio Lounge project
    • The May artists will be uploaded next week
    • Noel is still working on the Oral History project
    • They are in talks with the Museum of Western Colorado to do more oral histories with people who are still alive
  • Pitkin County
    • Been on hold waiting to hear if Marmot has found a way to convert their videos to MP4
    • There is a Pika/Islandora ticket opened on this subject
      • Brandon will research this more and get back to Carol
    • Noel from Mesa County suggested a noise-reduction tool to digitize audio. It analyzes background noise and reduces it. It helps immensely in improving the quality of old recordings. It is called IZotope and is compatible with the full version of Studio One or Pro Tools.
  • Salida
  • Telluride
    • Alison is new to archiving digitally
    • Started digitizing some local radio archive
    • Working with a local radio to upload Reel-To-Reel recordings from the 1970s in Telluride
  • Vail
    • Rebranded the Digital Archives under the umbrella name of Virtually Vail
    • They have created a website for Virtually Vail
    • Their three current collections will be under that umbrella 
    • Moving forward with more oral histories 
  • Western State

Next meeting is Tuesday, June 19th.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, May 15
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