Meeting Minutes for 06/26/2018

Digital Archive Committee Minutes
June 26, 2018
1:00 PM

  1. Minutes – Tammy Poquette
  2. Round Robin Project Discussion (all)
  • Adam State
    • Mary has Theses to add to the repository after she receives training
  • AspenCat
    • Amy from the Colorado State Library is working on the project with AspenCat
    • There are 4 interested libraries who would like to participate, but they are not digital ready
    • Go live date for these libraries is being pushed to January 
    • Going forward, DPLA will ingest metadata through the PPC (Plains to Peaks Collective) on a quarterly schedule for October, January, April and July 
    • Contact Amy, If you find that metadata is not mapped correctly 
    • DPLA will be increasing their thumbnail display size to 350 pixels at its longest point in their search interface
    • This means that the state library will need to work with Marmot to see if there is a way to adjust the thumbnail size so that it is optimized in the DPLA search screen
  • Bud Werner
    • The Three Wire Winter project is almost finished
  • CMC
  • Englewood
  • Fort Lewis 
    • Working on their Southwest Center picture collection
  • Gunnison 
    • Working on their Cemeteries project
    • Records are in the test server to show them during a community meeting
  • Mesa County
  • Pitkin County
  • Salida
    • Scanning for the Salida Museums negative collections
    • Joy will need a folder to start entering objects into the archives
    • Does anyone know of a cheap scanner that can scan negatives that are 8 ½ x 11?
  • Telluride
  • Vail
  • Western State
    • No archive projects at this time
  1. DPLA Display Issues
  • A number of the titles were coming in under subjects
  • This made it look like Fort Lewis not only had LC Subject Headings, but they were also making things up for subject headings
    • Amy from the Colorado State Library shared that PPC is aware of the issue
    • This is a problem across all Marmot libraries
    • It was in the original feed that Marmot gave PPC
    • This will be fixed on the next ingest happening in October
  • Pascal  explained that Pika internally uses the object title as a subject
    • That behavior was added to the last DPLA feed
    • It has been turned off, so the next feed will not have titles as subjects
  • Brandon noticed collection level right statement may not have been included in the initial load, or the data may not  be showing in DPLA
    • Amy shared that DPLA wants all the right statements to be from in the standardized right statements area
    • DPLA is working on getting some of their legacy partners on that system
    • If someone clicks in to see the full object in your Islandora instance, they will see whatever right statements you have attached to it
  • Alysa pointed out that the search for her collection (Three Wire Winter) does not coming up, because the collection name is not in any of the metadata fields
    • Amy shared that this issue came up with the DPLA folks
    • The DPLA folks have not figured out a good way to map collections into their search interface
    • All the collection level metadata as well as other fields that do not get mapped to the public side goes through the API
  • Alysa suggested that in order to have collections be searchable in DPLA that Marmot would have to list those collections as subjects
    • Pascal responded that it would be straightforward to add a subject field that would be the collection name, and asked for group approval to make this change to the DPLA feed
    • The meeting attendees were in agreement with this change
  • Alysa also suggested that entities be added as subjects
    • Eric was not sure about that suggestion, because the DPLA entry is a snapshot of a collection
      • With the link in the DPLA entry that takes people to the item, and anyone interested could click on the item to see the collection, and entity level information 
      • If we start getting entities and collection level in the subjects, we are going to start having a massive list of subjects for each entry
      • This massive list of subjects may not be the best for anyone viewing it, and understanding what it is about
    • Bud Werner has made a great effort to put good LC Subjects into their records, but does everyone else do the same thing, or just use the controlled vocabulary 
    • Entities are not repeated in the subject
    • Do people feel the same way about adding entities as subjects?
      • Fort Lewis used LC Subject Headings for the subjects
    • Amy from Colorado State Library wanted to let everyone know that Marmot has 2 to 3 months to make a decision, before do the re-ingest again 
      • They will not send a test to DPLA until mid-September
  • Alysa asked about adding a secondary contribute to a record in DPLA
    • Amy mentioned that there is a way to add a secondary contributing institution for DPLA
    • This data is captured in Islandora, so it maybe just a matter of extracting it for the next feed that Marmot sends
  1. Pika Side of the DPLA Ingest Process Demo – Pascal
    Minute 22:32;23 on the recording
  • Plains to Peak Collective looks to Pika to get the feed
  • There is an archive API
  • Here is the address: 
    • (Use the latest version of Firefox, and the URL will convert to JSON for better viewing) 
  • The first few headings show the number of objects, number of pages, records by library, and included collections.  
  • At the bottom of the page there is a list of the specific documents
  • The feed comes with different parameters like a limit per page and page numbers
  • Most useful parameter is a namespace to look at your specific collection
    •  use &namespace=your library namespace
  • You can view the general data for your collection, and see what is being provided to the Plains and Peak Collective
  • Amy reported that for Marmot’s original ingest there was no date created, and would be great to have this field for the next ingest
    • This information does exist in Marmot’s metadata
  • Pascal reported that the date created field is not often populated in Islandora for our objects
    • The next feed will supply the date created even if the is no real value set in Islandora
    • Part of our collection refinement is adding more date created data
  • Alysa wanted to know how to make changes to ingest data on the Marmot level
    • Asking ourselves as a group how do we go about the next phase of adjusting metadata
    • Pascal showed the DPLA Marmot Master Metadata Map document that was created to showed the development of the feed (minute 29:59;16 on the recording)
    • Alysa suggested creating a subcommittee for mapping fields  
    • Brandon suggested sharing the DPLA Mamot Master Metadata Map document with the group, plus the document on how Pika sends the feed to DPLA (once created)
    • Amy mentioned that not everything needs to be completely fixed by the next round, that there will be another round in 3 months
  1. MUG Presentation Discussion
  • Topic suggested was “so you want to start a collection, what are your steps?”
    • This would be a how-to session to start your first collection or add a collection
    • This would include everything from gathering copyright, a metadata plan, scanning objects
    • Liz Vontauffkirchen, Jill McKinney and John Mayer all volunteered to be presenters.  Jill had to withdrawal as a presenter due to a scheduling conflict.
  • Action Item: Brandon will send out an email to the group with the presenter’s names, and ask for other volunteers

Next Meeting is July 17, 2018 at 1 p.m.

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Tuesday, 2018, June 26
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