Meeting Minutes for 08/21/2018

Digital Archive Committee Minutes
August 21, 2018

  1. Dataprovider vs Intermediate Dataprovider
  • Marmot met with the folks at the State Library regarding DPLA exports about how that data is interpreted and mapped
    • Provider fields were discussed
      • Providers are organizations that provide content for the archives
        • Libraries wanted to be able to acknowledge these organizations
      • Providers and libraries could be identified using the dataprovider field and an intermediate dataprovider field
        • The organization who provided the data would be the dataprovider
        • Libraries would be the intermediate dataprovider
        • Libraries would be a secondary provider for the information
  • The group needs to decide where to look in Islandora for those acknowledgement fields
    • The location would need to be consistent in the API 
      • If the provider field is present and filled use this field as the dataprovider 
      • If the provider field is not present then use the library as the dataprovider instead
      • Use the Marmot Master Form to map the dataprovider fields
      • Some libraries have a custom form instead of the Marmot Master Form, so that form will need to be mapped as well
  • The group agreed to us the Roles of Owner, Donor and Acknowledgement under the Related Person or Organization fields on all the forms to map to the dataprovider 
    • Funder is also a role that is currently not be used.  However, it can be added later, if someone needs it
  • Information about the dataprovider field:
    • When entering Donors, Owners or Acknowledgements do not enter individual person’s names in the dataprovider field
    • The dataprovider is more of an institution level field 
    • The dataprovider is more like a partner organization working with your library
    • The dataprovider will not link back to anyone’s website or display a logo
    • The dataprovider will just be the organizational name of the provider 
    • The DPLA front-end functions by using the link for Contributing Institution to only show the entire collection for that library, it does not link to any outside organizations or library homepage
    • Clicking on the image or view full item links back to your library archive Pika site
    • Adding a hyperlink to an institution will probably not happen due to the DPLA interface setup
    • Amy can request this type of functionality ,but for now a redirect to institution is not possible
  • Action Item: Pascal will make sure the Owner, Donor, and Acknowledgement roles for the Related Person or Organization will be mapped as the dataprovider in the DPLA feed.  Pascal will only pull organization PIDs  and not individual people.  The library will be mapped to the intermediate dataprovider, when there is no organization PID.
  1. Rights Statements for DPLA
  • DPLA only wants to display rights statements that have been evaluated on
  • There is a Rights Statement Guidance document on the Digital Archive Committee homepage
  • Local rights statements will not display on DPLA
  • Individual objects will need to be set to use the collection level settings to show the correct rights statement
  • In you need help figuring out how to make these changes, please contact us at
  1. Reminder for DPLA Ingest
  • The group agreed that in the next ingest that Marmot would be giving the name of the collection that  is part of each object as an additional subject field for DPLA
  • At the last meeting, there was a discussion about whether to include entities, which is the controlled vocabulary for the archives, as subjects for the DPLA
    • It was decided that this will not be included in the next ingest, but should continue to be a topic for conversation for the following quarter ingest
  1. Marmot Liability Policy Discussion
  • Adam had a meeting with Home Loan (Marmot’s insurance provider) and discussed liability issues for the Digital Archives
  • One liability is when a member library adds content or individual entity that accidently includes private or secure information 
  • Brandon wanted know if there had been any previous discussion about this type of liability, or if anyone knows if their library carries Cyber Liability Insurance
    • The group discussed that if someone protested anything a library put into the archives, that library would remove the information from the archives
    • Also data about people in the archives is pulled from publicly available information 
  • Marmot would like to get to a point where there is a policy, or decide if a policy is necessary
  • Marmot may be drafting a separate contract or terms of services document specifically for Digital Archives
    • This contract or document may specify that Marmot is not liable for accidental postings  of a person’s private or secure information into the Digital Archives by the Marmot Members
  • It was suggested that this type of policy should be added into the metadata standards as to what level of personal information should be added to the person entity
    • It is one thing to scan something, but the original intent of the archives was that entities could be filled out by anyone adding content to the archives
      • This also contains a controlled vocabulary, and we are encouraged to enhance the record to display more information
      • It was suggested that the topic of person entity standards be brought up to the Metadata Standards Group when they reconvene
      • It was suggested that anytime someone new becomes part of the archives that they are not only trained on how to add content, but they are trained on the philosophy behind entities and the metadata standards
  • Action item: Brandon will look into getting the Metadata Standards Group active again. He will setup an email list for the group.
  1. DPLA Technology Project Update
  • There is a new grid view for DPLA objects
  • Added functionality to create lists
  • Lists are cached on the borrower side
  • Clearing your borrower cache may make the lists disappear
  • Created lists can only be viewed in the borrower where they were created
  • A login is not needed to view the lists
  • Lists can be downloaded as a CSV file that can be opened using Excel 
  • Improving technology around how they ingest data
    • They are separating the code that does the mapping from the code that does the enrichment and the code that does the normalization
  • Rolling out an enriched analytics dashboard for those at the HUB level to send members better reports on object usage, and access points like website or API
  • Doing more enrichment in the future regarding format, type, date and spatial enrichment
    • Creating facets on the search results page to drill down by format and image 
    • Using date and spatial data to have maps, timelines and grids
  • Action Item: Brandon will share the recording from the DPLA Technology Project Update on the listserv once it becomes available.  It will also be posted to the committee page as well.
  1. Other Information
  • The DPLA documentation about the ingest process now includes links to information that the Plains to Peaks Collective provided with the DPLA metadata map
  • These documents explain what Marmot does with archive data to give it to DPLA
  • It also has information about what the HUB does to process it further to pass it on to DPLA
  • Action Item: Tammy will post the DPLA documentation on the Digital Archives Committee page
  • We have a new archive member, Matthew Mickelson, from Eagle Valley.

Next meeting is Tuesday, September 18th at 1:00 p.m.

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Tuesday, 2018, August 21
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