Meeting Minutes for 11/20/2018

Digital Archive Committee Minutes
November 20, 2018
1:00 PM
DPLA Ingest Update - Regan & Pascal
  • Amy is no longer with the State Library 
    • Our new contact for the DPLA ingest will be Regan
  • The State Library needed to make a change to their behind the screens technology in order to continue to work with the DPLA
  • The State Library have spent the last few months making changes and very happy with the results
  • Regan reports that they are ready to go and are back on schedule with ingesting content to the DPLA 
  • The next ingest is scheduled for mid-January
  • Regan does not think they have any Marmot content in the January ingest
  • Marmot made changes to DPLA feed
    • If your collection is supported by an outside partner and you want to give them credit in the DPLA feed, the outside partner will be the Data Provider
      • If you have an organization attached to an item with the role of owner, donor, or acknowledgement, and with an organization PID, they will become the Data Provider
      • The library that populated the collection into the archives will become the Intermediate Provider
    • The date created would sometimes not show up, especially if it was only a year and month, so Pacal did some better fall back handling of the date formats
      • Ideally it is best to have the dates show up correctly by entering them with slashes (i.e. 11/20/2018)
      • Dates without months will now show as yyyy-mm
    • The rights statements have been updated for the statements for objects going into the feed
      • If the objects immediate parent collection has a statement attributed to it, the immediate children of the parent collection will also have that statement in the DPLA feed
      • You cannot have a hierarchy, each parent collection will need a statement 
    • The parent collection name is now included as a subject for objects 
Round Robin Project Discussion (all)
  • Adams State
  • Bud Werner
    • John and Alysa continue to move forward on the Three Wire Winter project
    • They are beginning transcribing and ingesting the orphan interviews,which were unrelated to any one article
    • Soon they will strictly be getting into interview description and ingest   
  • CMC
  • Englewood
    • Selene is working on uploading over 2000 items
    • They have already loaded over 700 items on the test server
  • EVLD
    • Matthew has added a couple of collections over last month and a half to the Digital Archives
    • He is working on an oral history project with longtime locals in Eagle County  
    • As the oral history project progresses, Matthew will upload those to the Digital Archives 
    • Jo from Vail offered Matthew a list of people they have already interviewed and still getting loaded, so they do not duplicate the effort
  • Fort Lewis
  • Gunnison
  • Mesa County
  • Pitkin County
    • Carol is still working on uploading the Aspen Hall of Fame videos 
    • They have finished the first set they were given, and they are working on the second set
  • Salida
    • Joy is working on the Salida Museum negative collection
    • The Board of Trustees for the Salida Museum are debating if they want to give the Salida library the negative collection 
    • The Salida library might get complete control over all the negatives
  • Telluride
  • Vail
    • Jo is training a new person to help her
    • More of the interviews are getting done, but not loaded to the Vail Valley Voices collection at the moment
  • Western State
Other Topics
  • John Mayer and Liz vonTauffkirchen will be presenting at the Spring CLiC Workshop 
  • They submitted the presentation they did at MUG for the CLiC workshop
  • They will present at Grand Junction and Pueblo CliC Workshops
  • The Spring CliC Workshop in Grand Junction is March 21 & March 22, 2019
Digital Archive Costs
  • Brandon reported that Marmot is continually talking about Digital Archives from the pricing perspective
  • Marmot is looking at ways and methods to get the base costs down   
  • Just know that as more members come on that Marmot is always evaluating pricing 
  • Marmot did lower the base cost by $500 due to the amount of current participation
  • The price per gigabyte of data stored is also being evaluated
  • In 2019, Marmot is looking at the best way to continual store all the data that members are providing 
    • Determining if Marmot’s current data storage solution is the best approach, or if we should try to move a different data array
    • Right now, Marmot has most of the data running on a Drobo system
    • Possibly moving from a Drobo system to a Dell data array
  • Also looking at the potential for growth and other suggestions that members may want from Digital Archives
Next meeting is Tuesday, December 18th
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, November 20
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