Meeting Minutes for 01/03/2019

Discovery Committee Meeting
January 3, 2019

New Discovery Committee Chair 

  • Sean Crow is the new Discovery Committee Chair 
  • He worked for Englewood Public Library for five years, and was part of Englewood’s move to Marmot
  • He works for the Boulder Public Library that is part of the Flatirons Consortium
  • Sean works on the computers and the technology at the Boulder Public Library

New R&D Department Manager

  • JB Wiese has worked for Marmot for three years
  • Before Marmot, JB worked for international companies
  • He has his MCSD certification for Microsoft , and he used to be a programmer
  • He has worked closely with the R&D department for the last three years

Demo of new features, bug fixes, and documentation for upcoming release

Discussion of development priorities for the next release

Current Release

  • Addison Implementation
    • Addison is live 
    • The implementation is complete
  • AspenCat Migration
    • The current patron interaction behavior that R&D developed for their current system did  not work for the new system
    • R&D rebuilt that integration for their new system
    • Still in progress
    • They will go live at the end of January or beginning of February on the new hosted system
    • In January getting the Pika integration working with their new hosted system is the R&D top priority
  • New Team Member Onboard
    • The team is still showing Chris new things and giving him more capabilities
    • This project will be left for a couple more months
  • Sacramento Discovery Partner Implementation
    • Will go live in January

Next Release 

  • Aurora Implementation
    • Is the last new Discovery Partner that was schedule in 2018
    • Kickoff call with them in January
    • Work on their Pika site starting in February

Next Quarter 

  • Bemis Library Marmot Implementation
    • Joining Marmot at the end of February
  • Sierra API Extract
    • This work allows all of Marmot and Discovery Partners with Sierra to use this extract for real time updates of all aspects of a bibliographic record throughout the day 
    • This extract will also work great to change the MARC records and upload the file for a custom covers that will display in a few minutes in search results
  • Integrate Hoopla APIs
    • This started last January and was nearly complete
    • R&D would like to finish this to have complete patron integration like OverDrive

Short Term

  • Record Grouping Adjustments
    • R&D would like to do a second round on record grouping 
    • They will address the shortfalls  of record grouping 

Discussion Topics
Marmot Digital Archive issues

  • Islandora instance had a hiccup that R&D had not seen before
  • It took about a week to resolve with help from several Marmot teams and outside Islandora experts
    • There are two indexes in Islandora (Triplestore index) 
      • One index  is a search engine to do regular searching 
      • The other index is linking metadata together 
  • Our Triplestore index had gotten corrupted enough that Islandora could no longer tell what things were a member of a collection
  • The corruption also affected Pika and Islandora’s ability to tell what constitute pieces were members of compound objects, so this is why only parts of compound objects were displaying
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, 2019, January 3
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