Meeting Minutes for 02/05/2019

Discovery Committee Meeting
February 5, 2019

Staffing changes at Santa Fe Public Library

  • Bae has accepted a new position
  • Kristen Martinez will be taking over some admin roles

Demo of new features, bug fixes, and documentation for upcoming release

Discussion of development priorities for the next release

Current Release

  • AspenCat Migration
    • Complete
  • Sacramento Discovery Partner Implementation
    • Complete
  • New Team Member Onboard
    • Chris is up to speed 
    • This project will be left until next month

Next Release 

  • Aurora Implementation
    • The team will start this implementation 
    • This is the top priority for the next release
    • Work on their Pika site starting in February
  • Bemis Library Marmot Implementation
    • Will do live at the end of February
  • Organizing Workflow
    • Handling the Pika backlog 

Discussion Topics

  • Grooming the Backlog 
    • Picking priorities that will contribute the most to the core functionality.
    • These will be short-term and long-term goals for things the department wants to accomplish.
    • This will take at least a week of the department’s time to review.
    • A priority list will be presented to everyone to explain how Marmot wants to handle Pika.
    • Marmot is slowing down on the Pika growth to assure everyone that they are investing in Pika’s future with Discovery Partners and Marmot Members.
    • Marmot is growing the server room with new hardware.
    • Marmot is upgrading all the networking switches to 10 gigabytes switches.
    • Marmot is upgrading all the servers to 10 gigabytes switches.
    • Marmot is adding a new DataArray manufactured by Pure Storage which is the best company for DataArray.
    • These upgrades are for Pika, which is Marmot’s number one software application that requires these resources.
    • Marmot is investing in Pika’s future with support, development and growth.
  • New handling of requests and reports
    • Ashley will be handling the Inbox daily.
    • The Inbox is a way to report issues or feature requests.
    • Ashley will be responding to each person who submits a YouTrack ticket.
    • The team will be reviewing the tickets on a weekly basis, unless there is something that is very time sensitive.
    • Once something has been brought into a Sprint the ticket status changes.
      • Open status means that Ashley has looked at the ticket.
      • In Progress means that Ashley is working to answer the ticket.
      • Needs External Input means the Ashley is waiting for a response from the person who submitted the ticket..
      • Completed means that Ashley has given an answer that did not require development work.
        • Something that needs development work will be prioritized and brought into a Sprint.
        • After the backlog grooming, the team will have a better idea where their priorities for development and growth are going.

Other Topics

  • Marmot On Order Records
    • The Pika team needs to figure out what Marmot Members actually do with their on order record workflow.
    • The Marmot Union Catalog Committee (UCC) will be discussing this issue to help the Pika team get an idea about different on order record workflows.
    • Once the Pika team has this information, they want to update Pika’s flow for a record going from on order record to a normal record.
    • Currently, there is a gap in the workflow where some on order records will disappear from the system while they are being processed.
    • During the UCC meeting the Pika team will asking about how libraries do their on order workflows, and determining what is the best to look at information in Sierra or Sierra DNA as a point for extracting on order records.
    • If you are a Marmot library that uses on order records, please attend the UCC meeting.
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2019, February 5
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