Release Notes for 03/05/2019

Pika Release Notes 2019.02

New Functionality

  • Aspencat Koha Migration
    • Handling of additional status values from new ILS
    • Koha Export Handling
      • Can only deliver a full export once a week
      • Daily Updates
        • An adds & updates file delivered nightly
        • Pika Koha Extractor has an additional process to collect deleted Bibs nightly
        • Co-opted sideloading updates process to create a full export nightly
      • For Continuous Reindexing, added the fetching of deleted items so that those items are removed in near real time
    • Auto renewal eligible items in Koha do not offer renewal option in patron account
      • Displays message can be set in config.ini file

  • Sideload updating improvements
    • Scripts can now handle gz compressed MARC files in addition to regular MARC files

  • Additional output so that we can easily monitor for failures is the data transfer process
  • Aurora Public Library Implementation
    • Test server created and browseable
    • Initial configuration and indexing in progress

Bug Fixes

  • Sierra API extract interacting with new indexing profile field (record number subfield)
    • Patched

Additional Work

  • Added library specific codes to self registration form for Sacramento
  • Library specific terms and conditions for Sacramento SMS notifications
  • Bemis Public Library now live on Marmot
    • Self registration setup
    • Transferred checkouts from old ILS into Sierra via Pika Offline Circulation process
    • Transferred holds from old ILS to Sierra via Pika Offline Hold process
  • General browse categories that scope to local Marmot libraries created in production
    • New Fiction, New Nonfiction, New eBooks, New eAudio, New Movies, Video Games
      • These are all of the parent browse categories with several sub-categories assigned as ‘children’
    • Feel free to use - all begin with ‘marmot’ in text id field and have ‘parent’ for the parent browse category with sub-categories assigned
    • Please do NOT edit these

  • Updated AspenCat widgets and browse categories to work with new ILS data points


  • Available Facets
    • More detailed information about Audience and Reading Level facets
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Tuesday, 2019, March 5
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