Patch Release Notes for 01/04/2022

Pika Release Notes 2022.00.0

Deployed 1/4/2022

New Functionality

  • Updated all Pika Java processes to use the latest version (2.17.1) of the java logging library Log4J2. Pika was using the previous major version Log4J, which was not subject to the severe security vulnerabilities recently discovered in the Log4J2 library.
  • Reload Novelist button available in grouped work staff view
  • Freeze Hold button displays as grayed out option when freezing is unavailable

Bug Fixes

  • Browse Categories with HTML entity characters ( <, >, &,  ‘, or “) in the title will not break the Browse Category.
  • Grouped Work Cover Images
    • Try to use covers from book records over audio books records
    • Single record grouped works where the record has a custom cover associated with it will use the custom cover for the grouped work cover
  • When using the catalog from within a known location (eg inside a library branch), the Add To Home Page as Browse Category link will add the new browse category to the location browse category carousel when the user has the role location manager. Users with other roles that allow adding browse category will add the new category to the library browse category carousel.
  • Export to Excel now working from Manage Materials Request page
  • Sierra- Couldn’t access linked accounts after updated (patched)

Additional Work

  • Upgraded all solr search engines to use the latest version (2.17.1) of the logging library Log4J2 to fix potential severe security vulnerabilities.
  • Upgraded apache web server to latest version (2.4.52) to fix recently discovered potential severe security vulnerability


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Tuesday, 2022, January 4
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Patch Release Notes
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