Release Notes for 03/01/2022

Pika Release Notes 2022.01.0

New Functionality 

  • New Grouping Category for Young Readers Editions (Minute 12:49)

    • Category designated as young in Pika databases

  • Records for ILSes that Pika uses MARC data for format & grouping determination will give records with an edition statement (MARC 250a) that contains the phrase “young reader” the new grouping category.

  • Records for ILSes that Pika uses MARC data for format & grouping determination will give records with a title or subtitle (MARC 245a or 245b) that contains the phrase "young readers edition" the new grouping category.

  • Hoopla sideloads that Pika uses MARC data for format & grouping determination will give records with a title or subtitle (MARC 245a or 245b) that contains the phrase "young readers edition" the new grouping category.

  • OverDrive titles will give records with a title or subtitle that contains the phrase "young readers edition" the new grouping category.

  • OverDrive titles with edition information in the title metadata that contains the phrase “young reader” will have the new grouping category.

  • Pika sites using materialType for format and grouping determination can choose to designate a matType for the new grouping category by updating the grouping translation map entries to translate to “young”, the label for the new grouping category.

  • OverDrive metadata extraction process will now store edition information in its own column in the Pika OverDrive metadata table so that edition information can be used for grouping determination (as above).

  • Reload Novelist button available in grouped work staff view (patch deployed)(Minute 31:34)

  • Holds page update (Minute 29:09)

    • Multiple select boxes for hold interaction (includes ‘select all’ option)

  • Added ability to freeze/suspend multiple holds

  • Added ability to cancel multiple holds

  • If hold cannot be frozen/suspended, still displaying a grayed out “freeze/suspend” option.

  • My Checkouts page has select all checkbox for renewing all checkouts action  

  • OverDrive Magazines with the OverDrive subject "Kids & Teens" will get the target audience determination of Juvenile as well as Young Adult (Minute 15:32)

    • This allows these titles to show in search results for libraries and locations that have OverDrive content restricted by the settings “Include Teen Titles” or “Include Kids Titles”


  • OverDrive titles with the OverDrive subjects "Children's Video" or "Children's Music" will get the target audience determination of Juvenile (Minute 16:53)

  • Grouping data clean up - grouped work identifier information for records from deleted sideloads (specifically deleted indexing profiles) are now removed from grouping tables during the nightly full regrouping process

  • In January, Content Cafe began encoding html tags embedded in some of their descriptions with html entities. Handling was added to decode the html entities so that the embedded html would display nicely.

  • Ability to add multiple titles to list from search results (Minute 30:14)

  • Former title added to alternate title facet

  • Title search will now return results for records that have 505t data (Table of Contents titles)

    • Note: record view pages can display table of contents information that comes from external enrichment sources like Syndetics.  This information isn’t indexed

    • Also Note: the solr field for table of contents is not scoped, so results can show for records that belong to a grouped work and do have 505t data but do not belong to the search scope being used.

  • Indexing format determinations updated (Minute 25:44

    • Blu-rays no longer being incorrectly assigned as ps3 games

    • Go-reader no longer displaying as Software

    • Dvds with cd rom features now displayed as dvd and not software

    • When leader position 7 = p objects now displaying as Mixed Materials

    • Archived Materials facet now displaying in cases with multiple 590 fields

    • Large Print also using 008 position 23 character d

    • Vox books now also relies on the 300 description field

    • MP3 audiobooks now display as MP3 Audio Disc

    • Hotspots being displayed as “Physical Object” and not software or book

    • Audio Disc with CD-ROM showing instead of Software

    • Audio Disc with DVD Audio Disc with Blu-Ray being determined separately

  • Update sierra extractor calls based on iii suggestions (Minute 28:31)

Bug Fixes

  • OverDrive Checkouts display in MyAccount page were not displaying the button to go view the checked out title/Get online content now button in checkout prompt not displaying (Minute 17:08)


  • Search Issues (Minute 17:47)

    • Fixed cases where quoted phrases containing contractions erroneously return no results in when searching by series 

  • Keyword search phrases of form "{title search term} {author search term}" worked poorly for order records/short bibs

  • Search phrases containing the  words "in" and "or", which were solr synonym words and also stop words, did not return any results

  • Improved author searching for authors with initials as their name

  • Browse Categories based on searches that use search types different than keyword (eg Subject) will now correctly show entries from those searches instead of incorrectly showing results for a blank search

  • Series volume display issues have been largely resolved

  • Novelist Series page Export to Excel action will now correctly include the series volume titles that are not found in the catalog in the series volume order

  • Horizon Drivers:  

    • My Check Outs page when the author’s name was looked up via call to APIs instead of in Bib data from the catalog would display the role “author” after the Author’s name, making the link for the author search of the quoted name have no results.

    • Users with two lines of address information would not see full address on Account Settings page

    • Users with multiple word last names would see an incorrect display name for their account

  • Search results containing entries for User Lists will now display the description for the list when the description has been inputted (Minute 22:32)

  • For Pika sites with multiple libraries, cached QR code images might not navigate a user back to the domain of the  library the user had viewed the QR code (Minute 22:59)

  • When a book cover image is delivered using the No Cover Image, that image is not cached on the server so that subsequent calls for that cover image can generate a better cover image.  (This was most often seen in a library’s main browse categories)

  • Sideloads: (Minute 23:51)

    • The marc merging utility that processes AddsAndUpdates marc files uploaded to the ftp server did not handle diacritical characters correctly when the sideload’s main marc file actually contains mixed encodings.  (The merging utility will now use the java marc library’s handling for determining a record’s encoding to read marc files; and will always write to UTF-8 encoding.) 

  • Detail Fine page doesn’t calculate partial fine payments

  • Materials Request that are submitted with phone numbers that are prepended with "### TEXT ONLY'" or "TEXT ONLY" will remove those phrases so that the request can be submitted successfully

  • For libraries with Hoopla, users with the roles cataloging, library manager or library admin can now access and use the Hoopla API Info page 

Sideloads (Minute 32:37)

  • Aims Community College : Films on Demand 

  • LION West Haven : O’Reilly

  • LION Westbrook : Learning Express

Additional Work

  • For Marmot catalog, do not run the nightly full update script on nights that the System Admins do their monthly update work. This is to prevent the system updates inadvertently causing an incomplete search index.

  • Continued work to prepare Marmot for user password login logic (Minute 32:14)

  • Continued work for security enhancements

  • Updated LION library Walliford’s favicon image

  • Switched Flatirons catalog to use Let's Encrypt SSL certs

Documentation (Minute 32:51)


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Tuesday, 2022, March 1
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Release Notes
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