Release Notes for 06/07/2022

Pika Release Notes 2022.02.0

New Functionality

  • Preferred author name of a work for searching (MUG 2019 Winner)(Minute 19:49)
    • Uses the most numerous author name variation from related records with the format of Book

  • Side effect is that consistent cataloging in the circulation system will usually determine the author name variation used, including birth year and death year.
  • If the work has no records with the format of Book, the most numerous author name variation from related records with the format of eBook is used
  • If the work has no records with either format of Book or eBook, the most numerous author name variation from related records is used
  • Pika Author Page’s author name variation suggestions.
    • Does a specialized author search to get likely variations of the author’s name and displays a link to the Author Page for that variation of the name
    • Only displayed if there is more than one; and up to 10 suggestions

  • Improved handling for initials searching in case of initials with periods but without spacing. eg C.S. Lewis

  • Challenging search cases: Programming Languages with names of a single letter and symbol: eg. C#, alternatively C♯ (sharpe character), C++
    • List of these languages added as protected phrases for indexing
    • Special handling for these in search phrases.

  • Subtitle handling for grouped works - the subtitle for the grouped work is now set in conjunction with the display title so that a sensible subtitle is used at the grouped work level.  This helps prevent subtitles that are pertinent to specific editions from being used for the whole work.


  • User Administration page to reset a patron’s display name in Pika

  • Book with DVD

  • Book with Audio CD

  • Book with CD-ROM    


  • Removed DVDs with special features from “Windows Games” designation
  • Playstation records with abbreviated PS5(4/3/2) now display as the appropriate playstation disc
    • Illustrated Edition

  • Managing Materials Requests 
    • When a materials request manager changes the status of unassigned requests, those requests will be automatically assigned to that manager
    • A warning will be displayed for materials request managers when they haven’t set their Reply To address in the Account Settings page.  (This email is used when a status change generates an email to the requestee.) (Minute 37:32)

  • Material Request User Report
    • Added date range filter options
  • ISBN information for content enrichment
    • The grouped work Staff View section will now display the isbn used to fetch Published Reviews when there are reviews displayed
    • The NoveList Primary ISBN will be displayed here when NoveList enrichment is used
  • OverDrive Narrator  and other contributors now displayed in title details on OverDrive record view (Minute 15:49)

  • Hoopla title contributors now displayed in title details on Hoopla record view

  • Genealogy (Minute 34:04)
    • Keyword searching
      • Now includes searching by person id number

  • Spouse Name is now a field searched for Genealogy Keyword searching
  • Name field matching prioritized in search query (over obituary text and catch-all keywords field)
    • Helps with searches for common names  eg John Love
  • Obituary text prioritized over general catch-all field of keywords
  • Entry Input
    • Date Inputs now more user-friendly

  • Date validation

  • Year validation (for when partial date information is entered

  • Marriage and Obituary dates are also checked for consistency with birth and death dates (if those dates have been inputted)


  • Force page refresh when the “log out after request” box is checked. (B4B Choice)
  • Cover Improvements (B4B Choice) (Minute 16:31)
    • Blue covers replaced with NYPL style generated covers
    • Blog post

  • Updated Colorado Gov Docs display

  • Custom cover upload form and drag/drop alerts when selected image is too large to upload (B4B Choice)
  • Digital Archive - Audio player has a larger width to make time selecting easier
  • Linked Account Improvements (Minute 18:23)
    • Managing account can no longer change managed PIN/password
    • Managing account can no longer change managed username
    • Managing account can no longer change managed email address
    • Managed account now has button to remove managing account access
  • New library Admin settings to set an URL for an external self-registration system that will used in the Self Registration links on the Pika login pages and pop-ups
  • Linking administrator roles within account settings page to documentation on those roles
  • Exploration of re-organizing full reindexing
    • Created a timestamp indicator of when an indexing profile change will require that profile’s records to be re-indexed
      • Translation map updates will also set this timestamp
      • Loan Rule and Loan Rule Determiner updates will also set this timestamp
    • Created a timestamp indicator for when a library or location admin setting change will require reindexing
  • Record View pages displaying Contributors link to an author search instead of an author page
  • Hoopla Record View pages will display Contributors now
  • Sierra bibliographic data extraction  - When a round of extraction has a low count for the number of records that need updated, a batch of records with old last extraction timestamps will be fetched.  This is to help catch and correct any missed changes that occur over time with the extraction process

Bug Fixes

  • Start of Title search phrases can only be a  maximum of 35 characters long.  Users will now get an error message on the no results page explaining that and offer the truncated version of the search phrase that could work
  • Searching for people named Will.  Previously will was a solr stop word (words automatically removed from search phrases)
    • Examples: Will Smith; George Will
    • Series example:  Will Wilder
  • Author facet values could have multiple variations of the same author due to trailing punctuation.  Trailing punctuation (characters  / , ;  | . ) is now removed for values of the author facet, except for the period of an ending initial (eg. Lewis, C. S.)
  • Subject phrase matching will boost exact phrase matches over stemmed matching
  • When taking a basic search to the Advanced Search form, any selected range facets (Publication Date, Lexile Score, Accelerated Reader Reading level and Accelerated Reader Point Value) will be populated with inputted values
  • Availability facets use availability by format version when a format or format category facet option is chosen (previously switch over occurred when both a format and availability option were selected) (Minute 31:54)
    • Prevents display of incompatible availability options  eg Large Print and Available Online
    • Applies to availability toggle and Available At facets

  • Automatic search term replacement (Minute 29:09)
    • Made the search term replacement notice more obvious
    • When the suggested search term also does not return results, the page goes back to the original search term



  • Spelling Suggestion tweaks (Minute 30:54)
    • Suggestion link retains the search type of orignal search
    • Loosened suggestions cutoffs so that more potential suggestions will be offered

  • Browse Categories made based on a Start of Title search did not populate correctly. (patch deployed)
  • More Like This carousel would intermittently not display
  • Recommended for You page also would intermittently not display
  • For library interfaces that use the horizontal search bar, the mobile view menu search icon was removed since it functionality is primary for hiding and showing the sidebar search form (which is different from the horizontal search form)
  • When a book cover image is delivered using any of the generic format images, that image is not cached on the server so that subsequent calls for that cover image can generate a better cover image.  (This was most often seen in a library’s main browse categories)
  • Pika creation of MARC for Symphony Order record data was not saving in UTF-8 encoding (patch deployed)
  • My Materials Request page was sorting incorrectly when sorting by the created date column
  • Material Request forms will validate that the publication year is a four digit number now, both in the new request and edit/update request forms
  • Managing Material Request  (Minute 35:57)
    • Too many results error message  : Some request filtering criteria cause too many requests to be attempted to be fetched.  An error message is now supplied, asking the user to modify the filters to return fewer results

  • When updating a request via the Update pop-up, the previously set filter criteria are correctly retained when returning back to the Manage Requests page
  • Managers are now able to update the request status from the Update pop-up form. Any status that would send an email will also do that from this form


  • Material Request Summary Report (Minute 39:54)
    • Graph fixed, and reworked for better display

  • Added status filter options

  • Bookbag did not display correctly on zoomed screens
  • Bookbag did not display on author pages
  • Patrons unable to link accounts
  • Sidebar search mobile display issue fixed
  • Digital Archive (Minute 40:54)
    • Fix street address display for Place Entity views
    • Embedded PDF Viewer will now display full height instead of partially

  • Archive Subject links with a subject phrase containing quotes will now display archive search results instead of an error page
  • The date for entries of RSS feeds based on searches now use more useful values for getting new results in them
    • RSS based on a catalog search will use the date added value
    • RSS based on an archive search will use the date created value
    • RSS based on a genealogy search will use the date added value
  • Sierra bibliographic data extraction - fixed error in timestamp handling that caused bibs deleted in evening hours to  be missed by the Pika Sierra extractor


  • n/a

Additional Work

  • Security configuration: Added web server response header X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
  • Security configuration: Disabled web server http methods TRACE and TRACK
  • Set up text notification preference option for Sacramento 


  • Updated

    • Format Facet Logic - updated with new format designations for books with accompanying materials and DVD/Blu-Ray combos (Minute 12:38)

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Tuesday, 2022, June 7
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Release Notes
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