Meeting Minutes for 10/10/2017

E-Content Committee Meeting

New E-Content Committee Chair (Jimmy)

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Von Tauffkirchen is the new E-Content Committee Chair. 
  • She will be taking over any future meetings.

The new Advantage sharing options that seem most important for ECC members to understand (Meghan Volchko - OverDrive) – Recording

  • Two options with Advantage Plus
    • The share model – will be discussed during the meeting.
    • The move model – content you choose to move from your Advantage collection into the shared collection will no longer be your title.  You will no longer have the priority on the title. This was the model from last year.
  • The sharing model

    • Similar to the physical collection, Advantage titles will be shared with the consortium while the Advantage library maintains ownership and hold priority.
    • The sharing plan is managed at the consortium level, and will impact all Advantage collections the same way.
    • As a consortium, you can choose to turn it on for everyone, or choose to have libraries come in at the Advantage level and choose how they would like to share.
    • Once titles are shared, they cannot be unshared.  You can pick and choose titles you would like to share.
    • How this works for your patrons
      • If you are the owning library of the Advantage title, you patron will be at the front of the line to get the title.
    • Advantage Plus Reporting
      • Can see the share reporting using the Current Waiting List report, Title Status & Usage report and Carts.
      • You can see if you are going to purchase if the title is already shared in the collection.
      • You can click on the value in the report, and see all of the information about the shared titles.
      • You can run the Current Waiting Lists and Title Status & Usage reports for the Advantage collection to see only what you have shared.
  • The Advantage Plus Holds Lists

    • Holds ratio throughout Marketplace will include shared copies
    • The “Cons Ratio” indicates “All Holds”/copies of the title in the shared collection (including Adv Plus shared copies)
    • The “Adv Ratio” indicates “Adv Holds”(just the holds for your Adv library) over the copies of the title in shared collection (including Adv Plus shared copies by other Adv member) plus copies of the title in Advantage collections.
    • The appearance of the ratio in Marketplace will not change but the number of copies will, because it is calculating those in as well.
  • Common Questions

    • Can libraries join the Advantage Plus program, and get the benefit of borrowing other libraries’ copies without buying their own copy?​
      • Yes, with the thought that they are going to buy titles that you may not have bought.   This is a great way to share the backlist titles.
    • Who gets credit for the circulation in the Adv Plus program if the item is checked out by a library member from outside of the purchasing library’s system?
      • The library where the item is checked out get the circulation credit.  However, OverDrive can look to see who has checked out your titles as well.   
  • Will it be possible to track whether the circulation is from the owning library’s cardholders, or from an outside library via Adv Plus?
    • Yes, but it is a little complicated right now.  You would go into the circulation report and look for the lines that show what library purchased the title, and what library had the checkout.  You cannot do it simply title by title, but would have to know the date range.  If you just want to look at your own library is to have your date range, and filter the column with Adv purchasing library.  This will show alphabetical order, so you can export it.  
  • Marmot Member Questions

    • Should we all move to Advantage Plus, or continue the way we have been ordering?​
      • It you do not move to Adv Plus, this would affect your patrons only in the fact that they would have access to any shared titles, but would not have priority for any of them.  You would get some extra content that is shared by the consortium.  For your patron experience, they would just see some new titles. 
    • Would this affect the Advantage libraries?
      • Yes.  This would affect all the Advantage libraries.
      • This could be a title-by-title option, and not an entire collection.
      • You can also use plans that put together older content.
      • Once you choose not to share a title, it can never be shared.
    • Does Adv Plus cost more money for the consortium?
      • There is no additional cost.
      • The only pseudo cost associated with turning on Advantage is that OverDrive asks you to purchase a few titles to make sure the collection goes live.
    • Would every library become an Advantage library if we turned on Advantage Plus?
      • No, not every library would become an Advantage library.
      • For libraries who do not have Advantage, or who do not choose to opt in, everything will stay the same.  The only thing that would differ is that you would get some extra columns in Marketplace reporting, and you patrons would have access to the titles the Adv libraries shared.
  • Advantage Plus Suggestion and Information from OverDrive Representatives
    • You should all talk about this as a group.  
    • Normally, individual libraries pledge a certain amount of funds for the shared collection.  With the Adv Plus, this is an extra comment of funds.
    • The answer is “no” to the question that if we are buying for the consortium would we need to do anything else.
    • It would really be up to the Advantage libraries if they want to share with the consortium.
    • Only the Advantage libraries will be affected by Adv Plus.
    • This meeting was to talk about Adv Plus, there will need to be a separate call to setup the plan.
    • Here is a video on the Advantage Plus.  The video shows what happens after you enable the feature.
  • Information from Ruth Ann Copley, Davidson County Public Library System
  • One of their libraries is using Adv Plus sharing title-by-title.  She has a PDF with Adv Plus tips and tricks that she shared with us.

Summary: Some members responded in chat that they were not interested in not becoming Advantage members.  The rest of the group who did not attend the meeting needs to decide if they want to be Advantage members.  Only the Advantage libraries need to decide if they will turn on Advantage Sharing.  The decision can be made on an individual basis, and not as a group.  


Curation by OverDrive (Rachel Kray - OverDrive) - Recording

  • All the curation is done in OverDrive Marketplace.
  • We need to decide if we want a committee to curate the collection, or have OverDrive curate our collections.
  • Whatever collection is curate everyone in the consortium will see it.
  • You need the Curate permission to see the Curate tab in Marketplace.
  • If you have the Curate tab you can see all the lists that are currently on our site, or any drafts.
  • The Published collections is everything that is on our site right now. This might be on the main site, or the kids or teens page.
  • Draft collections might have been moved over from the old site, or put there by OverDrive to help us out. We can take these draft collections and build on them, or delete them.
  • The upper left corner is a link to the Main site, Kids, Teens and Spanish pages.  Clicking on these links will show you the collections for each one.  You can edit each collection, move it or delete it.  
  • You can make two different types of collections.  You can make the automated or hand pick curated collections.
  • Watch the video starting at minute 03:07;04 to see how to create a collection.
  • The items in the curated collections will only be titles that is own the consortium.  This is merchandising your owned collections.
  • We can have up to 10 lists on the main page.  We can have up to 15 lists on the other main sites like EBooks, Audiobooks and Videos.
  • Rachel offered to train anyone who decides to Curate collections.

Action Item: Liz suggested creating a sub-committee to curate. Jennifer Murrell offered to be part of the sub-committee. Liz will email the group to find out if anyone else is interested.  

OverDrive recommendations regarding Gutenberg (Rachel Kray - OverDrive) - Recording

  • Rachel had curated a few Gutenberg carts for the consortium.
  • She showed a few sites that are displaying the Gutenberg items (see video).
  • She showed the patron experience (see video).
  • The thumbnails for the books will auto populate.
  • The Gutenberg collection is free, and always available.
  • The Gutenberg titles do count against people’s checkout limits.
  • A few members were concerned about the quality of the text for the titles.
  • Since the Project Gutenberg has been integrated into the OverDrive collection, they have weeded out most of the titles with formatting issues. About 90 percent of the titles do not have any issues.  Especially the popular titles are fine. The more obscure titles might have some errors. We can always weed the titles with errors, and let OverDrive know. OverDrive will either remove the title, or work with Project Gutenberg to get an updated version.

Action Items:

  • Liz suggested that we add the 180 popular titles.  A few members had no objections.  We currently have two carts in the Marketplace that have 100 (most circulating) titles and 281 (from our ILS) titles.  
  • Jimmy suggested the members who did not attend the meeting should watch the recording, and weigh in on the decision.
  • Tammy will purchase the cart(s) once a decision has been reached.

Next meeting is on January 9th at 1 p.m.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, October 10
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