Meeting Minutes for 04/029/2019

E-Content Committee Meeting

OverDrive Content Access Levels Feature (Hillary Brown & Abbey Deckard)

  • Content Access Levels  - Demo Recording
  • What are Content Access Levels and how they work
    • Marketplace tool that allows you to place card-type restrictions on content at the time of purchase
  • Grants student cardholders access only to age-appropriate materials in your digital collection
  • This feature  must be enabled at the consortium level
    • A default can be setup for general for the consortium (everyone has access to everything)
    • A juvenile default allows all titles only to juvenile cardholders
  • Permits libraries with Advantage accounts to manage levels for titles in their collection
    • The consortium level can be setup different than advantage access levels
  • Content Access Level travels with the title
    • If a content access level is set for a title, and that title is shared, the level will carry on to the shared title
    • If the shared collection already owns a copy of the title, the consortium owned content access level would be the default
  • Q & A
  • Q: Alysa mentioned that Bud Werner collection is scoped by age level in Pika. Bud sees everything, but our middle and elementary schools sees only children’s titles. Do we need to do this in OverDrive too?
  • A: Yes, the Content Access Level feature would need to be turned on. You would need to select from your collection which titles are young adults, and which titles are juvenile. There is an option to sort by audience and then check a box that will do a batch at one time.
  • Q: Alysa wanted to clarify that if Pika can scope for age level why would we even need to use the Content Access Level feature?
  • A: Liz suggested asking Brandon or the Pika team, if this information is needed.

The group decided to not move forward with turning on the Content Access Levels feature at this time.

RBdigital AudioBooks Presentation (Mark Haley) – Postponed to a future meeting

Next meeting is on June 10th at 1 p.m.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2019, April 9
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