Meeting Recording for 05/23/2017

Marmot Academic Committee (MAC)

May 23, 2017 1 PM


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. What is the mission or focus of the committee?  What do we need?  What do we want?  (programming, technical concerns, networking, shared collection development, cooperative purchasing, information literacy, workshops or other professional development, other?). Membership – invite all staff of Marmot Academic institutions.  How to extend invitation? Who keeps the roster?  Establish meeting time and frequency once roster has been set.  Should we consider meetings for summer, then separately for fall?
  3. Is there interest in a second Marmot Academic Retreat?  Kevin Williams has agreed to host in Steamboat Springs.  The second week of July is best for him to provide their facilities.  What topics do we want to consider? 
  4. Report from the Board – Sylvia Rael
  5. Karen Neville has volunteered to talk about tips on student training she received from IUG. 
  6. Other topics?
  7. Next meeting date – new agenda topics?

Recording Summary Information

  • Introductions (00:39;01)
  • Committee Mission or Focus (03;27;08)
  • Academic Retreat (18:55)
  • Meeting Frequency Discussion (21:00;26)
  • Academic Retreat Revisited (25:09;02)
  • List of Topics Conversation (29:06;20)
  • Board Report (30:58;19)
  • IUG Conference & Innovative Information (37:08;07)
  • Next Meeting (42:06:08)


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, May 23
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