Meeting Recording for 04/11/2018

MAC Meeting Agenda for 04/11/2018

  • As a reminder, we are using a Google Doc to keep track of topics.  It is available on the Marmot web page under Committee and Task Forces (Marmot Academic Committee, MAC)
  • You are welcome to add to this in response to listed topics or to post new topics.  
    • Sylvia has added CMU’s instruction rubrics to the first topic.
    • The instruction topics we will likely discuss at our retreat

Meeting topics:

  • Sylvia update of Marmot Executive Director search.  
    • MAC input for Marmot Executive Director.
  • Kevin update on MAC retreat
  • What does MAC want Marmot to bring to the discussion at the retreat?
  • Single Sign On
  • Individual library reports
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2018, April 11
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