Meeting Minutes for 06/27/2018

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Minutes in blue text


  • Welcome Lake County Public and Bemis Public
    • Lake County and Bemis Public libraries are joining Marmot this year.
  • Marcive Comprehensive Update last week
    • We loaded the new records for the quarterly update from Marcive.  With this load, Lloyd experimented with the newly discovered ability to protect fields based on the content of the fields.  It is very messy. It does work, but probably will only be useful in a very simple, cut and dried situation. Maybe we could use it to protect our local notes, if we identified them very consistently for example.​
  • New records will go to Marcive this week
    • We now have over 62,000 new records to update with Marcive.  The Marcive people are at ALA right now. They should be back to do our new record update by the end of the week.  *Action Item: Lloyd send new records to Marcive and load the updates they send back.
  • Sierra 4.0
    • We are waiting on Prospector for this.  Prospector is still running an old version of INN-Reach, which is not compatible with Sierra 4.0.  There was a hotfix, but it seems that there are still problems. So we will wait for Prospector to upgrade, and they need a new server before they can do that.  We may upgrade around the end of July or beginning of August.
  • New RDA Toolkit
    • There’s a beta version of the new RDA Toolkit out.  Our subscription to RDA gives us all access. Lloyd has been looking at it and following the discussion on the RDA list.  There are many very strong complaints about it on the list. It seems to have been written on a very esoteric level with the assumption that intermediary groups like the PCC will create what they are calling “Application Profiles” that people will actually work with.  It’s unclear at this point where that will leave people who actually need to catalog stuff.

Completed action items



Delete sample non-ISBD records


Load Marcive Comprehensive Update

Records loaded

Look into creating an exporter that excludes |0 for CMU

Lloyd was successful at creating an exporter that excludes the subfield zero.  Such a new exporter could be used with scheduler, but we might need help from III to get it in Data Exchange.  Contact Lloyd if you are interested in a special record export function.

Check with Marcive about whether we could reload our |0 fields for free if we decided to delete them

Yes, this is an option.  We could delete our subfield zeros and then add them back later.  Lloyd suggests that we wait until R&D gets their new developer before taking any action that could limit our ability to use linked data.  We don’t know what direction the new person might be able to take us.


  • Duplicate Committee Report
    • Duplicate committee is still working on making improvements to the Tableau based duplicate checker that Brandon is making.
    • Duplicate committee is still planning to meet with R&D
  • Reindexing Report
    • Reindexing is scheduled for August 14th.  The campuses will be gearing up for the fall that week, but the publics will be done with summer reading programs.  III does not expect there will be a lot of disruption, but there could be slowness. They can’t tell us how bad it might be or how long it would last.  It depends on our server. The new server seems pretty fast so far, so it will probably be fine.

Discussion Topics

  • UCC MUG presentation
    • Marmot Director’s Council decided that they want each committee to put on a session at MUG this year, so the UCC needs to come up with something.
    • We discuss possibly doing something like lighting rounds where several different people would give short presentations with tips and tricks.  Maybe we could look at spine label printing.
    • *Action Item: Jamie will send out an email to gather ideas.


  • Idea Lab Always Open Space
    • The Idea Lab is the replacement for the old IUG software enhancement process.  Lloyd gives an overview of the system and encourages everyone to join and vote on ideas.  Ideas need votes and comments to move forward to possible implementation.
    • The address is  Anyone can go there and create an account to submit ideas and vote on ideas.  With our numbers, we have an advantage and should be able to get the improvements we want moved up.  Lloyd has submitted several ideas, but they are expiring because they don’t have enough votes.
  • Can we get rid of these load profiles?
    • The load profiles listed below have not been used since at least 2016 when we started including notes in records about how they were loaded.  Lloyd would like to remove them from the system because they cutter up the editing interface. Jamie pointed out that they can easily be copied into text files and retained in case they are needed.  This is the second month this was brought up, so if there is no objection, they will be removed from the system after this meeting. *Action Item: Lloyd will copy these to text files, then ask III to delete them from the system.
    • m2btab.netlib      8 > Load shared elec. res. match on o, overlay, URL in bib [m2btab.netlib]
    • m2btab.netlib2    W > Load non-shared elec. res. match on o, overlay, URL in item [m2btab.netlib2]
    • m2btab.elec3           9 > Load mdl state docs SLOW [m2btab.elec3]
    • m2btab.acq
    • m2btab.asgov
    • m2btab.bprism
    • m2btab.bta
    • m2btab.bvorder
    • m2btab.clickbackup
    • m2btab.cmgov
    • m2btab.eleres
    • m2btab.fse
    • m2btab.fse.backup
    • m2btab.fse.c
    • m2btab.fse.i
    • m2btab.grand
    • m2btab.mpgov
    • m2btab.msdea
    • m2btab.ser
    • m2btab.sercmc
    • m2btab.wsc
    • m2btab.wsgd
    • m2btab.wsgdtest
  • DVD/BD combos in Pika - YouTrack D-355
    • Pika has trouble with DVD-Bluray disc combos.  When you bring up a grouped work for a movie, the combos get put with the DVD section of the group.
    • R&D wants to know what we want them to do about this.
    • Jamie suggests that it would be best to have the combo show up in both DVD and BD sections.
    • *Action Item: Lloyd will add this suggestion to the YouTrack ticket.
  • Record numbers in bib records. 908 .o, 909 .c
    • These seem to be numbers for Eagle Valley attached records.  They are in the bib records. This is a problem because they are fixed in the bib records, but the attached records they refer to may be moved or deleted.  Lloyd doesn’t know any reason for these to be in bib records and would like to delete them. He has already altered the load profiles to stop them from loading in the future.  We can still match on the numbers of the attached records. These were never used for matching.
    • While looking at these in the meeting we find a number for a Bud Werner order record, so it may not just be Eagle Valley.
    • *Action Item: Having brought this up at two meetings, Lloyd will delete the weird 908, 909, and 988 fields.
  • Cleaning up the files to copy from in Create Lists
    • These are the system generated files created when you check the “Use Review Files” box in Data Exchange. They are also created by other processes such as batch label printing.  Sierra does not provide any system to manage these files. If people don’t remove them right away, they are likely to stay in there forever and clutter up the system. Lloyd shows the group how to delete them by copying them into a review file and choosing to delete the original when the system asks.  We could also have III delete older system generated files. Before we do that, people should check these and see if there is anything they need.
    • Jamie makes the suggestion that we could organize ourselves to send out an All Points request for Idea Lab ideas that are important to Marmot.  That might allow us to get some of the changes we need. Tammy is working on documentation for how to use Idea Lab. We need to develop a process to decide which ideas we want to promote as a group.  
  • Cleaning up other stuff in Sierra
    • Lloyd reminds people to delete old files from Data Exchange, Create Lists and Statistics Results Files.  We look at how each of those works.
    • Jamie notices that the files in Data Exchange do not interfile upper and lower case names.  This could make people miss files and not delete them.

Ongoing action items


Responsible parties

Figure out how to copy Garfield birthdates to variable field


New export profile for 538 field for CMU last copy project


Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page


Grouping meeting with R&D (when they have time)

Duplicates Committee/R&D

  • Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: Cancelled for July
  • Reindexing Sub-committee meeting: Cancelled for July
  • Next UCC meeting: July 25, 2018, 9-11 am MT [Actually cancelled]
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2018, June 27
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