Meeting Minutes for 10/24/2018

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, October 24, 2018


  • Lake County goes live on Oct 31
    • Lake County test records are in the system now.  We are working on getting the special notes from Destiny loaded into the Sierra MARC records.
    • Jamie asks if they are on the courier.  We look up their courier code and it is C952.

Completed action items

Turned off automatic duplicate checking for new bib records

This should stop checking for duplicates when creating new records.

Write an Idea Lab proposal for suppressing the |0 from Staff Module

Lloyd created an Idea Lab suggestion to suppress the subfield zeros.  Everyone please go to Idea Lab and vote for this.

Sent quarterly deletes to Marcive

Marcive should send updates soon.

Discussion Topics

  • Spanish language cataloging issues
    • We are discussing how we should deal with records cataloged in Spanish in Sierra.
    • This is an issue of duplicates.  In OCLC you can create duplicate catalog records for different cataloging languages.  Our question is whether we want to allow duplicate records describing a single item in English and Spanish.  If we did that how would we avoid overlay on ISBN?
    • We run a list and find there are only 975 records in our system coded as Spanish.
    • They frequently have the 300 field in English.  Jamie points out that is because the 300 fields were fixed by Marcive to expand the abbreviations for RDA.  That process changed all of them to English terms. Records otherwise cataloged in Spanish had the ‘p.’ abbreviation changed to ‘pages’ rather than ‘paginas’ for Spanish cataloging.  That was one advantage of the abbreviations in AACR2.
    • The primary differences would be the 300 and 5xx notes Spanish.
    • We check that the 520 note is repeatable.  People have the option of adding a second Spanish language note to English records.
    • Nina points out that Pika is very poor at searching for material in Spanish.  This is a serious problem.
    • Shelly says that Pascal estimates that R&D will be able to work on that problem next June.
    • Jamie says Spanish language search works in Vufind.
    • Shelly says that is a big problem for SD51.
    • Lloyd points out that if we don’t set up a dual record system we should make sure it is clear in policy.  People should not expect to be able to create a Spanish language record and not have it overlaid with an English record.
    • Jamie asks if that is happening now.  Would people overlay a Spanish record with an English one?
    • Lloyd thinks that what is happening, but is not sure.
    • Nina points out that the Spanish records in our system are not very robust, and English records are likely to be better records, so they she would frequently use the English record because it is a better record.  Discoverability is the most important issue.
    • Lloyd speculates that Spanish speaking people living here might know enough English to use an English catalog to find materials in Spanish, if the language limiter were working.
    • Amy thinks that may not be true that a Spanish speaker can navigate the catalog in English.
    • Jamie says that most Spanish language materials in the catalog now are cataloged in English.
    • Lloyd says that it would take a lot of work to create a real secondary catalog that effectively operated in Spanish.  Even if one library had Spanish language records.
    • We look at the Pika catalog translation function.
    • We realize that Pika uses Google Translate to dynamically translate the entire catalog into a variety of languages including search functions, facets, and record content.
    • Nina asks if there is any way to allow people to add extra Spanish content that would be protected from overlay like local notes are.
    • Lloyd says that if we protect the 520, then they would never get updated with new content from OCLC, but maybe we could define a new local field for this purpose, 592 or something.
    • Jamie asks if we can protect a field based on indicator.
    • Lloyd checks the Load Profile Manual, which says this is not possible.
    • [Lloyd realizes while writing the minutes that it is possible.  We can protect the field based on indicators.]
    • We can control protection with field group tags.  A 520 in an ‘n’ field group could be the English note that would get overlaid from OCLC and a 520 in a ‘v’ field group could be the local Spanish note that would be protected, and maybe move to other records like 590 notes in ‘v’.
    • Pika doesn’t see field group tags, so it would make no difference there.
    • We add a test note to a 920 field in record b10694353 to see how it looks in Pika.
    • We find an example of a record where there is an English 520 summary and a second Spanish 520.
    • We add a test note to a 528 note in record b1462316x.
    • Checking Pika we see that both 520 notes are run together into a single note.  This should be a Pika enhancement. This would be an advantage of using a different MARC tag.  Pika would not stick them together.
    • The larger problem is that Pika is not able to accurately search for materials in Spanish.  This is something the Pika team is already planning to fix.
    • Lloyd suggests that we should bring these issues to Discovery Committee.

Updates to Ongoing action items

  • Lloyd opened a ticket with III to see if they can stop the automatic truncation on bib utility numbers in Staff Module.  No response yet.
  • Duplicates checker is still being developed.
  • Brandon and Lloyd made a proposal to talk at IUG about out Duplicate Checker
  • Shelly asks when IUG is.

    • May 5-8
    • Lloyd suggests a Marmot carpool to Phoenix.
    • Lloyd will run that idea by Brandon.

New Action Items

Bring Spanish language cataloging questions to Discovery Committee


Ongoing action items


Responsible parties

Figure out how to copy Garfield birthdates to variable field


New export profile for 538 field for CMU last copy project


Grouping meeting with R&D

Duplicates Committee/R&D

Develop duplicate checker for 020

Duplicates Committee

Check with ASC about deleting old Statistics Results files


Work on procedures and documentation for 001 Duplicate Checker

Duplicates Team

Find out if III can stop the automatic truncation on Bib Util number searches in Staff Module.  If not, open an Idea Lab proposal


Revise Marmot Cataloging Standards document for local fields based on discussion


Find out if Marcive can automatically fix 691 fields


Ask Discovery Committee about indexing of 020|z in Pika

Lloyd and Ashley

Develop new Marcive process since we can’t get the large batch discount


Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: November 14, 9-10 MT

Next UCC meeting: November 28, 2018, 9-11 am MT

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2018, October 24
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