Meeting Minutes for 07/22/2020

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, July 22, 2020


  • FOLIO Update – INN-Reach integration project
    • Missouri State University is very interested in integrating FOLIO with INN-Reach.  They had to leave the Mobius INN-Reach system to implement FOLIO.  They would like FOLIO integrated with Mobius by the end of this year, so they want to move very quickly.  Rose from Prospector has also been attending the meetings.
    • At this point we are defining what FOLIO needs to do to be integrated with an INN-Reach system.  INN-Reach now has an API that can be used to allow a non-Innovative ILS to connect directly to an INN-Reach system.  No other ILS’s have implemented the API yet.  Bywater is working to get it working with Koha.
    • Jamie asks when Western is planning to start on FOLIO.
      • Nicole says that they have not set a date yet more specific than next year.
  • Jolanda will be UCC rep on MUG planning committee
    • We no longer need to find a person to do this.  We thank Jolanda for volunteering for this position.

Completed action items

Email gap analysis form link


Discussion later in the meeting

Start to track the cost of records send to Marcive multiple times


Lloyd realized that he could use the files that Marcive sends us to determine accurately how often we are sending records to them multiple times.  He counted the number of times a bib record was send to Marcive in successive months.  This happened 2993 in a year.  So that cost less than $300 a year, so we are not worried about this problem.

Find examples of FAST headings used in VuFind catalogs


After our examination of FAST headings, Jamie wanted to find an example of a catalog that was using FAST headings in VuFind.  It turns out that Villanova is using them in the original VuFind implementation.  So they are entirely compatible.  It might actually be possible for CMU to turn it on at any time.

Schedule a training on reloading batches of OCLC records to repair bad records in Sierra


This is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 6.

Investigate creating lists of records from list 21 language problems, for OCLC members to overlay in batch, maybe using title check on the load profile





Discussion Topics

  • Work on gap analysis document
    • We decide this would be easier to work on in a small group.  
    • The duplicates team will work on this.  << ACTION ITEM
    • We invite anyone else who wants to work on this to join the group.  
    • Nicole Becwar says she would like to work on it.
  • Records with bad country codes Jamie found
    • Jamie noticed incorrectly coded country codes.  He realized that he had a bad template that was creating records with “us ” as a Sierra country code.
    • This is mostly at CMU and Western.  They can check templates.  It looks like it is reserves and equipment.
  • Confluence training
    • We are working on this Google Doc:
    • Tallie suggests teaching basic vocabulary and abbreviations
      • There could be a very basic technical services orientation
    • Betsey says her new cataloger took the Cataloging Setup class and it was over her head.  Tallie agrees, it is not a good starting point.
      • Lloyd says that class was not intended for a beginning cataloger, but for someone who knows cataloging who is new to Sierra
    • Chris Cook says that the general Sierra orientation should precede the technical services orientation.
    • Chat asks for more training on Create Lists, Global Update and MarcEdit.
    • Lisa wants a compilation of links, LOC subjects. Name authorities, best practices documents, MARC Field info, Thesaurus, OCLC documentation, RDA and what they are used for.
    • Tammy says we are working on designating common roles that will need a particular sequence of training.
    • Once we define roles we need to include the Sierra Workflows that role needs access to.  The Sierra Workflows could be an organizing principle.  There is a Workflows document, but it is not clear what it is about.  Each of those Sierra functions could link out to a training document.
    • The Sierra Workflows could be included in basic orientation.
    • Chat question, “will this the included in the Marmot Knowledge Base?”
      • Yes, this is all intended for the KB
    • Links to cataloging resources are currently buried in the Cataloging Standards document.  These could be placed in a much more prominent place on the website.
      • Tammy points out that there is a cataloging links page under training that could go on the UCC committee page.  Tammy will put in on the committee page and name it Cataloging Resources.
    • Jamie says could have a training flowchart for each role.

New Action Items

Work on gap analysis document

Duplicates team


Ongoing Action Items


Responsible parties

Investigate using |0 field to indicate record needs to go to Marcive


Create YouTrack ticket for more accurate running time grace period calculator. 


Write a proposal for Lisa’s suggested record change note for the Cataloging Standards


Pursue joining Mountain West NACO funnel


Determine details of Illegal Aliens change in Pika


Meet with Ingram users to think about improving record loading for their records


Document ways to find music with no language in list 21 language problem list.


Experiment with creating a file for EDS extract without the OCLC prefix.


Figure out how we can control Prospector display with ITYPE


Develop cataloging training materials


Develop flow chart for how to use the volume field


Figure out a process for authority control for FLC’s discovery records


Investigate a new Tableau utility for finding bad volume field use


Develop documentation for Marquis macro



Next Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: August 12

Next UCC meeting: August 26

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2020, July 22
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Meeting Minutes
Union Catalog Committee