06/06/2017 - Congratulations to Nashville Public Library on being named Library Journal's Library of the Year. We're impressed with everything you do for your community and proud to partner with such an outstanding library.
04/13/2017 - Marmot Library Network is pleased to announce that Santa Fe Public Library is now live on the Pika discovery layer. “SFPL is excited to join the Marmot Library Network as a discovery partner using their open-source discovery software, Pika.
01/26/2017 - The Library Corporation and Marmot Library Network are pleased to announce the full integration of the CARL.X ILS with the Pika discovery layer.
12/15/2016 - “Pika got honorable mention in a webcast about 'Limitless Libraries’.


Sierra upgrade to Beta 3.4 [DELAYED]

The Beta Coordinator informed Marmot about a bug they have found in 3.4 pertaining to SIP2 fines. This bug has been found to cause a duplicate fines for billed items checked in via a SIP2 interface. They already have a potential fix and are working on testing it. They suggest that we postpone our update until this bug has been cleared. 


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