Marmot Policies

Policies relevant to ALL libraries served by Marmot

  • Confidentiality of Information (pdf). A brief policy.
  • Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security (pdf). This "FERPA Addendum" to the Marmot Service Agreement with Mesa County Valley School District 51 is representative of agreements between Marmot, member school districts, and vendors who have access to patron data. The following items are posted here as required by section I:

a. Contact information for an individual within Contractor’s organization that can provide information on or answer questions related to the use of PII by Contractor. Executive Director.

b. An explanation of how PII will be shared with Subcontractors or disclosed to any third party. PII is not exported en masse to any subcontractor. PII can be accessed one record at a time for patron authentication purposes by systems authorized to call the Sierra Patron API or a Sierra SIP2 server. Access to these APIs is only allowed from IP addresses of systems authorized by Marmot. Four Marmot subcontractors have the easiest access to PII, and so these vendors are required by Marmot to comply with the terms of the "Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security" policy linked above. These vendors are: Innovative Interfaces (Sierra), OverDrive (eBooks & eAudio), Recorded Books (Zinio eMagazines and OneClickDigital eAudio), and ShoutBomb (SMS notices).

c. The types of PII that are collected, generated, or used by the Contractor. This information must include all PII that is collected regardless of whether it is initially collected or ultimately held individually or in the aggregate. The Sierra server at Marmot stores minimal PII (Student ID, Name, Address, Phone, Email, School) and active circulation records. (Sierra does not store old or inactive circulation records--when a book is checked in, the record of that loan is completely purged.) Users may opt for Sierra to store their reading history. OverDrive, Zinio, and ShoutBomb--for users who opt into these services--store basic PII (Library Card # (usually Student ID), Name, email). The Pika server at Marmot stores a few user preferences regarding the public catalog, and optional reading histories from Sierra and OverDrive.

d. An explanation of the PII, an explanation of how the PII is used, and the learning purpose for which the PII is collected and used. PII in the Sierra patron file hosted by Marmot is primarily used by Sierra application software to track circulation of library materials. Patrons are notified by mail, phone, email, or SMS about available holds, overdue items, and other library transactions.

Policies relevant to Member Libraries (irrelevant to Associate Members)

Policies and Service Level Agreements relevant to Member Libraries using Marmot IT Services

Policies and Service Level Agreements relevant to Associate Members using Pika

Policies related to Marmot Governance