Marmot Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategic Methods and Principles

The member-driven Marmot community is highly successful by continuously fostering shared resources, trust, and expertise.

The Marmot consortium’s mission is to make relevant, data-informed decisions that add value to the consortium and members.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Respect for All
  • Responsive Service

Strategic Methods – Marmot Library Network believes in and operates with the following strategies:

  •  Manage thoughtful growth
  •  Explore innovative products to improve the patron experience
  •  Be fiscally responsible
  •  Employ expert staff with excellent customer service skills
  •  Respect and leverage the unique power and expertise of each member in supporting our shared goals and values 

Principles – Marmot Library Network shares these principles that drive the way the work is accomplished:

  • We achieve more together: diverse libraries working together and sharing resources make us stronger.
  • Each member has a voice: all for one and one for all
  • Reliability is the center of our efforts: we are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our libraries.
  • Change is always with us: we will be flexible and responsive to our libraries’ needs. We take informed risks.
  • We respect each other, communicating with trust and honesty.
  • We are open-minded, accept diversity of opinions, and build to consensus.
  • We are committed to efficiency for all of our operations: getting value for our libraries’ investment is a top priority.
  • We value a seamless working environment: Marmot staff, members, partners, and vendors work for optimal effectiveness.
  • All customers experience excellent and responsive service.