2024 E-Rate FAQ

Category 2 Form 470: #240018458

Questions & Answers:

Q1: Is this a full or partial refresh?
A1: The new hardware is primarily a refresh with the exception of 1 access point and 2 switches, but it is only a partial refresh of our environment. The licensing is a full renewal. 

Q2: Are you open to a virtual demo?
A2: Yes, a virtual demo would be acceptable

Q3: Are you allowing site walks?
A3: We have 40 locations throughout the state, so site walks would not be practical. We are not requesting any installation services or confguration consulting, so site walks are not really necessary, either.

Q4: For the hardware only requirement at the bottom of the RFP, is that for spares or will it be deployed once received with existing licenses? 
A4: The requested hardware will use existing licenses, and those being requested are included in the licensing renewal portion.

Q5: Would you be able to provide the locations and the equipment counts for each location?
A5: Our security policies dictate that we cannot share these specifics 

Q6: Does each site have local Internet service or are they on a WAN with shared Internet at a data center(s).
A6: Each site has local internet service and connected to the Marmot datacenter via site-to-site VPN

Q7: Can you clarify port counts on the MS425’s
A7: MS425-32 (32 port)

Q8: Can you clarify part numbers on the MT 10 and MT 12
A8: MT10-HW and MT12-HW (Humidity/Temperature sensor and Leak sensor, respectively)

Q9: Do you require Enterprise or Advanced Security licenses on the MX appliances?
A9: Advanced Security