Marmot Launches Digital Archive

Marmot Library Network, the multi-type consortium based in Grand Junction, CO, has developed a Digital Archive and repository solution, enabling its member libraries to showcase digitized collections of images, postcards, books, magazines, videos, recorded oral histories and music, academic research, and more.  

Using Islandora for administration, and Marmot’s own Pika resource portal and discovery layer (a fork of VuFind), the new solution is designed to surface archive content alongside related books, ebooks, DVDs, and other content when patrons conduct searches of their library’s catalog. Member libraries can also create custom online exhibits to highlight specific collections. Online exhibits began launching in August 2016, and this spring Marmot released an update enabling libraries to share combined collections of related archive content throughout the network. Read More.

Enis, Matt. "Marmot Launches Digital Archive." Library Journal (2017): Web. June 19th, 2017.