LION Consortium Joins Marmot Library Network as a Pika Discovery Partner

Marmot Library Network is pleased to announce that Libraries Online, Inc. (LION) Consortium launched on the Pika discovery layer on May 14, 2018 

According to LION staff: "The implementation began in January 2018, and the process has included training webinars for library staff, a site visit to the LION offices by key members of the Pika development team, and regularly progress reports to member libraries. As a result, the introduction of Pika to the LION community has gone smoothly, and patron response has been overwhelmingly positive."

Joe Farara, the director of LION, reports, “Managing the expectations of libraries of varying sizes and resources is a challenge, one that’s amplified by the rollout of new, public-facing software. As our launch date drew near, we really appreciated the calm confidence of Pika staff members Ashley Sneesby and Pascal Brammeier. They helped LION field all sorts of inquiries, from the straightforward to the esoteric, from its member libraries, and they did so quickly and patiently. This went a long way in building confidence among our users in the product and our ability to support it. Ashley and Pascal’s knowledge and professionalism is much appreciated.”   

Marmot Library Network hosts an integrated library system, maintains a union catalog of 1.8 million works, and provides related IT services for 27 public, academic, and school libraries in Colorado. Marmot develops and supports Pika discovery layer software for Marmot members and “Discovery Partners” across the United States.

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