Minutes for 11/20/2012

Reconciliation among Prospector Libraries - David Britt (Arapahoe Library District, Prospector Document Delivery Chair) 

● Reconciliation process is to clear up old items that are more than one year overdue (and therefore not likely coming back) and also to find items that may have been misshelved, or shelved without being checked in properly.

● This is the first year most Marmot libraries would have items overdue long enough to be involved in this process.

● Uses the INN-Reach Institutional Overdues report

● You can sort the list for however makes the most sense for searching at your library; the compiled list will be in call number order, but can be resorted however makes the most sense for your library

● After searching your own items, you can rerun the list and email it to David (DBritt@ald.lib.co.us) either by using the print command in Millenium to send it to email, or you can highlight the table in Millennium, and use ctrl+c and ctrl+v to paste it into an Excel document. If your library has no items to report, please let David know this as well.

● Becky Bernal from CMU, who has been doing this for several years reports that it is time consuming to do the searches, but pretty straightforward otherwise

● Marcie Beard had a question about one of her patrons had Prospector items that were more than 300 days overdue that weren’t showing up on reports, Keith is looking into it. Is it possible that this was a problem that would now be fixed under the new loan rules?

● Reports can be run either for each branch or for the entire multi-branch system, whichever makes the most sense (ALD runs one report for the entire ALD system) but in either case, books should be searched for at all branches before turning in the list.

● Setting a “maximum” number of days when running the report is not necessary,and if your library is deleting items each year, shouldn’t change the results of the report much. Some libraries keep the maximum set at 9999 when running the report to include all items more than 1 year overdue.

● David would like to have everyone’s reports sometime in the next 3-4 weeks.

● Tiffanie had a question about tracking patrons’ Prospector overdues. Several libraries reported that they just let the system track the overdues and set blocks as any other item. Review of minutes/action items

● Jimmy sent an email to directors reminding them of the ASC; doc-delivery list from Prospector, and the PPH contact list.

● Latest version of the PPH best practices is at: http://helpdesk.marmot.org/wiki/images/3/34/PPH_best_practice.doc and now includes a Change Log started by Jimmy. Changes presented at MUG are highlighted in blue.

● CMU reports about a 50% decrease in holds traffic, WSC estimates a 30-50% decrease, CMC reports a small decrease Report on courier statistics from Jimmy & Karen

● Jimmy & Karen met with Lisa Priebe and Ross Callender, along with representatives from III to determine the best method of collecting data for courier statistics. Once III fixes the Reporter report, this should be the single report all Marmot libraries will need to use. Once the report is fixed, Jimmy will demo the report at a future meeting.

Action Item: ● All Committee Members will review the ASC sections of the strategic plan and be ready to discuss any additions, deletions, edits, and questions for clarification at the 12/4 meeting.

● All Committee Members should review the PPH local contacts list at http://helpdesk.marmot.org/wiki/index.php/Local_Contacts and make sure their library’s information is up to date.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2012, November 20
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