Minutes for 12/18/2012

Strategic Plan ● PIH/PPH will now be referred to as Marmot System Holds

● #5.11 Marmot system holds/Prospector holds ○ 2012 - ASC make sure Best Practices doc is good and clear to all, and complete with regard to Marmot system holds as well as Prospector ○ 2013 - ASC continue with BP. Continue participating in Prospector lists & mtgs. Continue to assess courier costs, load balancing, etc.; campaign with III for Prospector holds to respect date priority

● #1.9 Prospector - no changes (defined this goal as evaluating the relationship between Marmot and Prospector)

● #3.21 CIRCA - no changes ● #5.17 Patron update API/LDAP - no changes (will share information/lessons learned from CMC)

● #3.19 Self-Check/SIP/security/3rd Party - no changes ● #3.20 Increased functionality with Millennium (App) - Jimmy to find out what was meant; 2013 - publish info about apps by CMC and by Marmot for SD51

● Next steps for the strategic plan: 3 more committees to review. Board will review in February, distributed to directors in March, finalized in April. The strategic plan is revisited yearly and does allow for mid-course correction.

● ASC considers our section approved pending any updates from Jimmy on item #3.20 - Increased functionality with Millennium (App)

Action Item: Jimmy will try to figure out what was meant by item #3.20 - Increased functionality with Millennium (App) Review of Best Practices Document

● Update committee name to Access Services Committee ● Update PIH/PPH to Marmot System Holds ● Create List of “In Transit” - run monthly; look for items locally; anything in transit for more than 6 weeks - report to courier

● Damaged items - look at the possibility of implementing a list of sites which will accept replacement copies (as in Prospector)

● Overdue notices are sent to your patrons by your library based on your loan rules; Karen will review overdue notices in more depth at the next meeting Publicizing best practices document

● Karen will work with Brandon from Marmot to get a clean copy of practices as they stand now posted to the Marmot wiki so these can be published as Best Practices for the 1st Quarter of 2013

● Continue to work on this document with the goal of having finished the Best Practices document by the 2nd Quarter of 2013

Action Item: Karen will start moving ASC documentation to the wiki

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2012, December 18
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