Minutes for 09/12/2014

- We agreed we'd like to have a quarterly Marmot  Reconciliation a la Prospector. We are counting on Brandon to set it up. Brandon, what can we do to make this easier for you?

- Release of other libraries'records: right now, when we want to replace/withdraw an item borrowed by another library's patron, we call/email the patron's library requesting the item is declared LOST. Is everyone satisfied with that state of affairs? Maybe this needs to get on the agenda of the next ASC meeting?

- We agreed to meet monthly in preparation of the MOBIUS launch, with the first meeting in Mid October. Brandon will send a Doodle to work on an optimal Meeting schedule. We should include Jim Duncan and Rose Nelson at the first meeting in October so we can better assess the cost of the courier and other issues related to MOBIUS.

- Could we please run the INN-Reach Paged Too Long Report WEEKLY? We should include this in the Best Practices.

- The list of Libraries taking replacement should be updated. The site is temporarily not accessible. I will copy and paste it when I can.

- Bib vs Item Level hold: Do Prospector Holds still take precedence over Bib (Marmot) level holds? Brandon was going to investigate this issue.

- How do we get Stats for Marmot holds? There was a MUG session that I was not able to attend. A Webex on that topic would be greatly appreciated. Maybe at our next Webex meeting?

- Amelia and Jane mentioned that mutli-branch libraries have issues with items'status in VuFind? This was something rather hazy for me:Prospector Paged Items showed Checked out in VuFind. More on that item when I talk to Jane tomorrow!

- Anything else? Except my thanks to Oak for running a productive meeting and to all the Marmots for an excellent MUG.

Meeting Date: 
Friday, 2014, September 12
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