Minutes for 10/22/2014

Minutes on ASC Meeting 10/22/2014 MOBIUS

News: Rose is working with her MOBIUS counterpart to adopt Prospector-like Reconciliation policies. Right now, if a MOBIUS item is lost or damaged, the Alliance will take the financial burden. They have a replacement fund. Please delay the invoicing process as experience shows that items do come home, sometimes very late but they do come back. MOBIUS Circulation has improved in terms of speed. There are some issues regarding courier codes and labeling. The Alliance is working on adding the codes to the label makers. The volume of MOBIUS circulation is rather insignificant. Rose does not think it will increase with time. There are 3 couriers involved: American courier, Skyways and First Choice. These couriers are private companies. The items are shipped in book bags. You do not need to return the items in the same fashion. Return bags and items separately but return all.  How to make Marmot items non-MOBIUS contributing: Anything that works for Prospector will work for MOBIUS. If we want to pull out of MOBIUS< we would de-facto pull out of Prospector. If you want to make parts of your collections non-MOBIUS contributing, you are substracting these parts from Prospector. Remember there is no expectation to fill any request. You can always cancel a request.

PPH (Patron Placed Holds): Best Practices: change all reference to Millennium to Sierra. Make sure that you are running the Paged Too Long at least once a week. Don’t know what that report is? Ask Oak, Nathalie or Brandon, we’ll be happy to share its merits. Rose updated the Prospector document listing libraries accepting replacement.

Miscellaneous: RFIDs: MCPLD is tagging their collections. In order to maximize the use of the self-check machines, nonRFIDed items will be RFIDed as they come to fulfill a PPH request. The question is asked to the Marmots: is it OK if we place a (permanent!) RFID inside the back cover? All present at the meeting agreed. Could we work on a list of Marmot libraries objecting to their items being tagged? Do item-level Prospector holds take precedence over bib-level PPHs? We are not sure if that is still the case. Karen and Mary Katherine are investigating. Why do we care? Because MOBIUS holds would take precedence over your own patrons’ holds… If the couriers take a month to deliver these holds, that will affect your patrons’ satisfaction.

Lost Items: There have been requests to ease the process of withdrawing/replacing long overdue items. Right now, items that are Billed to other libraries’patrons cannot be without the owning library calling the patron’s library asking for the item to be declared “LOST” on the patron’s record. Two years ago, we attempted to include guidelines for remedying that situation. The guidelines did not meet everybody’s approval and never came to fruition. There is renewed interest for such guidelines. We will include the guidelines to the next Meeting’s Agenda. Mary Katherine reported a bug in Sierra: if you do a patron search in browse query, you can edit other librairies’patrons! Be nice. Don’t. Please report to Brandon any changes affecting pTypes. Look at the mapping data Brandon sent early September regarding such mapping.  

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2014, October 22
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