Minutes for 03/08/2016

ASC  Meeting

March 8, 2016


  1. Hold-ability of order records update – Brandon, Marmot
    1. Dummy records for On Order Bibs
      1. This is a process to add dummy item records for newer items, where there are orders existing on the items
      2. Instructions for this process are available from Marmot
      3. UCC will use this process for adding new item records
      4. The item record must be in the list of preferred item record templates and the following parameters should be selected:
        1. Suppress icode2
        2. Select the proper i-type
        3. Select the proper location
        4. Leave the agency at 100 – Marmot library network
      5. Marmot will remove these item records roughly every three months after they’re created
      6. Amy suggested that this needs to be done more frequently to cleanup records
        1. Brandon will send out a link to this document to UCC in order to determine if anything needs to be changed
        2. In the meantime, this process can be followed
  1. Communication of notices to patrons - Amy, Garfield
    1. When patrons at other libraries checkout my materials, notices generate for both the owning and lending locations
      1. The determination of whether or not to mail certain notices can be complicated because we don’t know what notices other libraries are sending or how often they are being sent
      2. We don’t want to duplicate efforts from other libraries or bother patrons unnecessarily with duplicate notices
    2. Setting global standards may require a longer time-frame to get everyone on the same page
      1. iii has had this discussion, but has taken no action
    3. Email notices aren’t a problem, but print notices are
    4. The next step requires that everyone looks into their loan rules
      1. Martha has a colleague who is willing to investigate this
    5. This will be featured in the next ASC meeting
  1. Check-out period issues – Martha, Ft. Lewis
    1. Academic libraries usually have extended checkout periods for faculty
    2. Because their loan rules govern other libraries’ items, those items may checkout for an entire semester (or year)
      1. For instance, when a DVD (i-type 30) is lent to Ft. Lewis faculty, the borrowing library’s loan rules trump the lending library’s loan rules and that patron will get month-long checks-outs unless this the due date is manually adjusted
      2. Changing the checkout period eliminates the option for renewal, so overriding due dates is less than ideal
    3. Brandon – Each library is using different i-types (with a few exceptions, like DVDs)
      1. This impacts notices, overdue fines and checkout periods
      2. This problem has been an issue for a long time as loan rule table changes haven’t been made
      3. A create list can be run to determine which items are checked-out longer than the normal lending period among non-agency p-types
        1. In create lists, libraries can see what items are checked-out and get a list of the patron barcodes, but they cannot access patron names or contact information
        2. The patron’s home library could then change the item’s due date
    4. Brandon proposed standardizing i-types so that checkout periods are consistent across all libraries
    5. Amy suggested adding an i-code could that would stand-in for the loan rule, which could be implemented across Marmot and ensure a standardized lending period
    6. Brandon has started gathering lists of different i-types in use and how many records are assigned to each i-type
      1. The next step is to identify similar i-types and extend the same i-type to all similar items
        1. Brandon will also determine if there is an i-code table big enough to facilitate this
    7. Amy suggested that the i-type name should be changed to match the loan rule and that an i-type migration could be implemented, similar to recent p-type migrations
    8. Brandon – i-types could be standardized regardless of p-type, ensuring consistent lending periods
      1. Notices could also be written in a standardized format
      2. All Marmot libraries would have to agree on this
    9. This item will be featured in the next ASC meeting
    10. Martha and Brandon will experiment on the loan table for Ft. Lewis in the meantime
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Tuesday, 2016, March 8
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