Minutes for 05/10/2016

ASC Meeting Minutes


Lisa Sallee from Ocean State Libraries to talk about their itype conversion project

Ocean State Libraries is a member driven organization (they are much like Marmot).  Lisa works for the consortium. 72 branches in their consortium.  Mostly public libraries, one Academic.

They’ve been on an Innovative system for 10 years.

Lisa is the Assistant Director of the consortium.

They had 150 itypes, specific to one library’s holdings.  “Hospital Collection”, “Frasier Collection”, etc.

For their annual report for their state library, Branches would ask for their statistics by itype, even though other itypes for other libraries’ materials wouldn’t be on that report.  The state asked for statistics by audience (adult, ya, juvenile, other) and also whether it was print or media.

They switched their itypes to match the loan rule. Now everyone in the system knows how it’s going to check out when they look at an item in the system.

The consortium office created all the item templates for each branch.  They worked one library at a time to transition

They changed the icode1 to a 5 digit code to describe the type of material.

They didn’t start with standardizing their loan rules, it was a one-on-one thing.  However, if libraries wanted their non-holdable items within the consortium to also be non-holdable in the INNReach system, libraries had to choose a standard itype.

OSL created a spreadsheet to list the templates that each library had available.

Loan rule names:

21D NH 2R $1 B30

21D YH 1R 15c B30 M10

The icode1 is just a number.  You have to build the legend for what those numbers mean.

OSL uses Web Management Reports to get stats on items that check out at each library, you can also get stats on your items that check out at any library in the system.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, May 10
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