Minutes for 10/20/2015

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:30


3D Art Digitization Update (Jordan)

This update was pushed to the next meeting.

New Book Scanner (Nicole from Adams State)

Adams State recently acquired a new Book Eye Scanner using grant money.  

Gunnison County Cattlemen's Days Project (Nancy from Gunnison)

The Cattlemen’s Days project is underway to digitize documents surrounding the yearly event and ranch history.   Right now the library is inventorying newspaper clippings and other documents on the topic.  The library plans to meet with the Cattlemen’s day group and plan a launch in catalog to coincide with the next cattlemen’s day.

Fort Lewis Nina Heald Webber Postcard Collection (Jordan or a representative from Ft Lewis College)

The Fort Lewis Nina Heald Webber Postcard Collection is a collection of 5,000 postcards from the Southwest Colorado region that is currently housed at the Center of Southwest Studies.  Digitization and metadata has already been entered but the Center would like to upgrade their platform.  Currently Marmot is working on additional metadata and a way to transfer the information already provided.

Metadata Planning for the Archive (Jordan)

Jordan explained the overall Marmot Schema, which will be tailored to individual projects but mappable to MODS and DC to allow cross linkage. There was a further overview of digital objects and datastreams and how that relates to cross linkage.

Fort Lewis Metadata Plan (Jordan or a representative from Ft Lewis College)

The Fort Lewis Postcard Project’s metadata scheme was offered as an example of how customization might offer better end user experience.  Examples include postcard translation, stamp information, and inputting correspondences as events.  Metadata scheme for each project will depend on the objects to be entered and on possible end-user goals.

DPLA Training Modules as part of copyright

Jordan pointed out that DPLA now has an online curriculum about digitization, including an excellent video on Understanding Copyright.  The group decided to watch the video before the next committee meeting and then decide if further discussion on copyright was necessary.  

Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (Alysa)

Alysa presented on a really cool open source program that takes an oral history transcript, breaks it up into user-friendly segments, adds valuable metadata and summaries, and then exports as an XML file.  Mark, Jordan, and Alysa will investigate to see how this program may be used in the Marmot repository.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, October 20
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