Minutes for 04/19/2016

Digital Archive Committee Meeting   April 19, 2016

2. Update on Family Metadata: Race/Ethnicity & Gender

  • Gender Identity/Expression

    • Google doc available describing more in detail

    • No controlled vocabulary; use guidelines

  • Race/Ethnicity

    • Controlled vocabulary added to choose from

    • Open notes field available for self-described terms

  • Guidelines for these sections:

    • Optional; do not have to add; collapsible menu available

    • Only enter information if the person/object/entity is self-described, not what your idea or impression may be

    • Use Google docs for further clarification/ask questions


  1. Islandora Update – Jordan

  2. Gunnison visit- setting up scanner, developing training documentation

  3. New to Entity Shortcuts: Training document for Adding Place Entities, Adding Person Entity has been added

  4. Documentation for first-time users logging in

  5. Clarifying terms for External Links: External Link Options for XML Files doc

  6. Migration: Middle of Fort Lewis migration; cleaning up EVLD; lots of content added through these migrations

  7. Graphic Designer for UI: Developing icons, working with Explore More bar, how to fill in Explore More bar for particular items when other items don’t relate

  8. SurveyMonkey for verbiage and word choice of different Explore More bar  (History vs. archive vs. community, etc).

  9. Survey on Large Collaborative Project: building a larger collection through shared resources

    • Everyone voted, most of Cohort 1.

    • 10/12 libraries interested in participating in some capacity

    • Concerns: enough staff, right content for archive, timing, cost

    • Ideas: Apply for CIPA grant, smaller grants at $5k to fund these projects?

    • Narrow topic choice in June: leave last ½ hour of meeting to discuss (no sub-committee will be created)  

      • Suggestions from survey: Railroads, ranching, rivers/water, mining, history of winter rec/skiing


  1. Pika Update – Mark

    • Setting up oral histories, videos

    • Added Transcription section: clicking on timestamps now sends you directly to that minute mark on video

    • Subjects still visible; more subjects the better

    • Related People are now visible including production staff

  2. Related Pika links: will be hidden if using them elsewhere.

    • Manually add related content to specific titles in library catalog

    • Related Objects: collections, items from other libraries

      • “World War II” relates to Camp Hale (EVLD), related Pika links, video from Oral Histories (Bud Werner), Three Wire Winter, and related people if they are tagged in a photograph together in another collection

      • Choosing what we want to associate and relate; how to eliminate unnecessary data

    • Explore More bar changes: tons of information immediately available on UI

      • Associated Organizations; Events; People; Digital Public Library of America box (can scroll through results); Related Subjects; Related Images

      • From the Catalog: results for books, items in library

        • This is where relatedPika links will display; these links may be more reliable than using subject headings/search

    • Staff View: new Archive permission; just like current pika, “Staff View” is on page

    • Q: Do we want to assign subject headings to entire collections?  

      • Consistency will be better integration across collections

      • You don’t want to repeat information in multiple places in records

      • Possible need for clarity/standardize on how to/when to use subject headings for Pika

  3. Round Robin:

    • Bud Werner: finished writing staff instructions; adding entities; training staff

    • CCU: Thesis project ready to go

    • EVLD: updating/refining existing entities for Red Book

    • Fort lewis: postcards ingest Islandora; updating locations

    • Garfield: oral history training; adding entities

    • Gunnison: training; scanner set up; finalizing workflow/guidelines

    • Salida: ingesting oral histories; test collection set up

    • Vail: recruiting volunteers; planning training; sending off oral histories for transcriptions

    • Western State: export PP; moving files

Meeting end at 2:00 PM

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, April 19
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