Minutes for 06/21/2016

Digital Archive Committee Meeting June 21, 2016

Request for Minutes (John Major, BWML)

Islandora Update (Jordan)

  • Marmot joined the Islandora Foundation-Jordan is now on the “RoadMap Committee”

  • Ft. Lewis migration is complete--postcard-action complete

  • Metadata Cleanup for EVPL

  • Building migration tool for a PP Collection from Western State

  • Possible move to have Islandora server in-house; Increase migration speeds possible for already digitized collections; Direct transfer without using the web; Alternatives being investigated…

  • “Item Type” field will become a mandatory field; determines how objects display in Pika; Differs from Islandora “content model”.

  • “Art” metadata form complete; “Installation” field available for tying dates (events) and location (places/latitude and longitude)

  • Person entities’ family form now includes “Spouse”

  • Review of Tammy’s instructions is ongoing; Jordan remains available upon request for training

  • Next month’s focus is Theses and Dissertations; a nod to the academic folk; fields currently being mapped for the Marmot Master Form; Person entities to include “Researcher”, “Members of the Committee”, etc.

Pika update (Jordan)

  • Mark is a busy man!

  • Mapping displays are an option for a collection’s homepage; Images, quantity of objects, etc. displayed on a Google Map; Size of bubbles correspond to size of collections.

  • Time-line is pending, although chronological facets do exist

  • Image viewer allows for super cool zoom function; also displays all person entities and corresponding images; “Librarian’s Picks” refers to the “External Pika Link” associated with Person entities; Obit Database info successfully pulled in and displayed

  • Challenge of distinguishing libraries’ physical collections and archive content continues; different headers and language under review

  • Cemetery Collection also mapped with list of gravestones

Round Robin Project Discussion (all)

  1. Adams State: Spanish Song Book Project; Audio and visual formats; theses and dissertations completely digitized!; training ongoing

  2. Bud Werner: Reference Dept. currently chipping away through Three Wire Winter Project

  3. CCU: Ready to go

  4. EVLD: assisting with home pages for various collections

  5. Fort Lewis: continued work on post card collection; volume 2 pending

  6. Garfield: entity creation complete; oral histories pending; training ongoing

  7. Gunnison - Nancy is at CLiC: Metadata creation for the Cattlemen’s Days Collection

  8. Mesa County: Possible newspaper additions; looking for a good means of mass ingest

  9. Pine River: N/A

  10. Salida: Oral History collection has 9 complete with 60 more to go

  11. Vail: Jo to train this week

  12. Western State: Marmot in receipt of hard drive; derivatives complete; standing by for metadata action

  13. Others?

Collaborative Project Subject Discussion (Jordan & Mark)

  • Still gauging interest; possible meeting time for small group to follow the monthly, wider committee meetings

  • Access to and measured contributions from smaller libraries is being addressed from a pricing standpoint

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, June 21
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