Minutes for 11/15/2016

Marmot Digital Archive Meeting

November 15, 2016 1:00 – 1:40 PM

Updates on DPLA Hub

  1. Alysa and Jordan at meeting to discuss next steps

  2. Application near complete, expect to submit in January, expect to hear from DPLA by end of January

  3. Colorado/WY hub will go back and forth between DPLA to discuss metadata

  4. Collections in DPLA by mid-summer, late summer 2017

  5. Opportunity as member: Pop-Up Archive www.popuparchive.com

    1. Automated system for transcription of oral histories, etc.

    2. Cost effective compared to other outsourcing options ($10/hour of audio)

    3. Eligible for this benefit immediately even as our application is in process

  6. Identify significant collections as part of DPLA

    1. DPLA seeking rural libraries

    2. Contact Jordan to figure out if your collection could be added

    3. Collections we’re listing: Mesa Verde Collection, 10th Mountain Div., Agricultural Collection from WY.

  7. List of everyone involved with your digital archive projects: historical societies, cultural organizations, etc. to show breadth/depth of involvement on DPLA application

  8. Possible hub names will go to vote on committee: Square States Collective, Plains and Peaks Collective, Colorado-Wyoming Collective are finalists.

Difference between Pika/Discovery/Archive meetings: redundancy between these different meetings.
Decision: Share information between all meetings whether it’s redundant or not.

Islandora/Pika Update

  1. HTML links added to lists, item types, etc. (instead of copying links from metadata forms)

  2. Western State migration

    1. About 50 objects, checking metadata

    2. Challenges with live archive/could create new duplicate entities

  3. R&D Team is changing how they process bugs, requests, changes, etc. to Pika

    1. Updating system for more volume, increasing transparency, etc.

    2. Focus on archive to launch collections before end of year.

New Intern

  1. Sara Francis hired as Digital Archive Program Assistant Intern.

  2. Job description, qualifications, and areas determined by Jordan with SJSU.

  3. Deciding where/who/when she’ll be working and on what projects.  

Additions from Sara

Internship logistics

  • Semester is Thu 01/26 - Tue 05/16

    • For the purposes of getting all of my reports submitted, I would like to shoot for 01/23 - 05/05

    • Spread work out over semester - 135 hours for 3 credit hours - 9 hours a week - but this doesn't have to be exact (ex: 15-20 hours/every other week)

  • Some level of clerical work is okay, but faculty will pull students if they believe the majority of the work is not professional-level

    • My opinion is that the clerical side of things will make me a better project manager and I can frame this as such when I submit my reports.

  • Learning outcomes can be modified through the semester

    • Evaluate and process materials for digitization

    • Apply knowledge learned in graduate level coursework to determine the proper tools for digitization

    • Utilize digital repository software in use by a consortium of more than 20 member libraries.

  • Contact Jordan if you are interested in working with me or have question about this experience.

  • I can provide resume and course examples upon request


Round Robin Updates

  1. Bud Werner: Trying to get a program going to have high school students interview Three Wire Winter participants

  2. EVLD: progress on yearbook metadata, creating instructions for patrons having issues

  3. Fort Lewis: no updates, working along on postcards, planning for next project. V.2 is ready.

  4. Garfield: no updates

  5. Mesa: Few updates, working on Veterans videos

  6. Salida: Working on centennial collection

  7. Jo: No updates

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, November 15
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