Meeting Minutes for 05/16/2017

Digital Archive Committee


1:00 - 2:00

  1. Minutes - Nicole Trujillo

  2. Islandora & Pika Update (Jordan, Pascal & Mark)

Pascal: Changes include the ability to hide Explore More from other libraries when that option is checked. Entity with related objects title is now truncated in the display.

Mark: Can search by theses format filter, view online button bug fixed, edit mods record lets you set order of objects which is then applied to the entire collection, fixed entity data display bugs and added new sections. Every field in MODS data is now searchable. Updates for suppressed objects to show only in test.

Jordan: Release notes from the Pika Discovery meeting are here:

  1. New Chair (Jordan)

  • Lacey is nominated. Sadly Lacey was not present, but Jordan will contact to see.
  1. Support documents for sharing collections (Jordan)

  • Shows how you can include/exclude items in the Digital Repository. Also shows all collections now live.
  1. Round Robin Project Discussion (all)
  • Adams State
    • Blank search: might that go to a libraries archive homepage?
  • Bud Werner
    • Public is interested in genealogical applications, so filling out more information about people.
  • CCU
    • Live! Students asked if the explore more bar can be turned off because they can see entities from other collections.
  • CMC
    • Hoping to get things going in the summer.
  • Englewood
  • EVLD
  • Fort Lewis
    • Almost done with volume 5 of postcards, beginning to get undergraduate research into the repository.
  • Garfield
  • Gunnison
  • Mesa County
    • Working on creating thumbnails and branding before going live with Art on the Corner and Artist in Residence.
  • Pine River
  • Pitkin County
  • Salida
    • Working on Chaffee county assessment cards, walking tour of Salida. Received permission from History Colorado for architectural descriptions.
  • Vail
    • Vail also thinking of doing a walking tour. Training for quilt project photos.
  • Western State
  • Sara Francis (Marmot Intern)
    • Last meeting with the archive! Accomplishments include Mesa County’s art and fly fishing objects, objects for Eagle’s collection, and Vail art and public places project with included map information.
  • Others?
  1. Questions?                
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 1:00-2:00 pm

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Tuesday, 2017, May 16
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