Meeting Minutes for 06/20/2017

Digital Archive Committee
June 20, 2017

  1. Minutes - Jill McKinney
  2. New Chair - Lacy Dunlavy of EVLD takes over from Alysa Selby of Bud Werner. Big “Thank You” to both ladies.
  3. LJ Article - A very nice article about the Marmot Digital Archive was published yesterday in LibraryJournal. Congrats all around.
  4. Islandora and Pika Update (Mark)​
    • ​​Big update was adding Archive Usage function to Pika Account interface. This lists number of objects in archive and disc space used, and will be used for yearly pricing.
      • ​​This information does not count derivatives of objects, only the objects themselves.​
  5. DPLA Updates (Jordan)​
    • ​​DPLA is planning to ingest our first big batch of objects in the next 4 weeks
    • PPC members divided up the minimum ingest amount (50,000?) and Marmot’s share was 7,200 objects.
      • ​Focus will be given to collections containing information about the 10th Mtn. Division and Camp Hale, as those were specifically highlighted to DPLA.
      • This will be made up of objects from every library, with the remainder being made up by Fort Lewis and EVLD, as they have the largest collections.
    • Lee and Reagan from the State Library will be Keynote Speakers at MUG this year, and will be talking about Digital Archives. 
    • Jordan has created a Metadata Map which correlates DPLA fields with Marmot metadata fields, if anyone wants to peruse that the link is on the agenda.
    • DPLA requires all objects have a rights statement from   
      • DPLA metadata and thumbnails will link back to the objects in our individual collections, so users can access any copyright info attached to the objects there.
      • Jordan suggests that we use “Copyright not evaluated” for our submissions to DPLA, as not every collection has complete copyright information.
      • There are 12 standardized rights statements listed 
  6. Pika release notes to DAC
    • Since not every member of the DAC is also on the Discovery Committee, it has been suggested that the Discovery Committee Pika Update emails be cc’d to DAC members, so we can see any updates that might affect the archive interface.
  7. Round Robin

    1. Adams State - Not much happening, summer session means no student workers, so project is paused
    2. Bud Werner - Working on 10th issue of Three Wire Winter
    3. CCU - no attendee
    4. CMC - Working with Sara Frances (former Marmot Intern) this summer
    5. Englewood - no attendee
    6. EVLD - Uploaded 4 more chapters of Redbook, working on 4-5 photo collections, also working with Sara Frances this summer
    7. Fort Lewis - working on final volume of postcards
    8. Garfield - no attendee
    9. Gunnison - still putting in small items and newspaper clippings for Cattlemen’s Days archive, Maria is very busy with video oral history project and has several interviews lined up.
    10. Mesa - no attendee - Jordan says they are working on quite a few projects, including video oral histories, art and flies collection, and several others
    11. Pine River - no attendee
    12. Salida - still working on the Digital Walking Tour (formerly the Chaffee County Assessor's Cards), waiting on final map sign-off
    13. Vail - no attendee
    14. Western - working on a small thesis collection, hope to have it finished by the end of summer


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, June 20
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