Meeting Minutes for 01/16/2018

Digital Archive Committee Minutes
January 16, 2018
1:00 - 2:00 PM

  1. Minutes
  2. Islandora & Pika Update (Jordan, Mark)
  • Mark: The Bento Box at Fort Lewis has been developed:
  • To set up a Bento on your own system go to Library Systems -> Searching -> Combined Results
  • You could add Prospector and Digital Archive to your search. There is also an EBSCO EDS section to set up EBSCO. No images were included to keep with a clean interface, other boxes can be added in the future but it takes a lot of development work so that will need to prioritized. Jordan: Music projects coming up: Mesa County has a project coming out with music, so Jordan has been working on a generic form for music fields. You can find it under For All types of Music in the Islandora interface. You can add subjects, titles, tracks, record label (organization), related person (different than generic related because it has a relationship note to allow more information). Jordan: Mark and Jordan will be focusing on e-content integration in the next few months.
  1. New way to upload files- with larger limits for video! (Jordan)
  • Jordan: In this new way, anyone can upload files almost up to 3 GB. It looks slightly different from the other upload process. For larger files, the process will take ½ hr or more. Jordan will get screenshots of the new process out for training. It does create the usual derivatives. This will be for everything that you need to upload because Islandora has only one upload option. Can we switch to this new upload method? Also, need suggestions for conversion software.
  1. Metadata clean-up (Lacy)
  • Lacy: The last migration dumped a lot of new information into the digital repository, please let Lacy know if metadata issues are appearing.
  1. Best Practices? (Lacy) 
  • Lacy: How can we develop best practices for the different archive projects? Addresses entity and object work, metadata clean up. How do we handle duplicates? How do we handle formatting errors? Should there be authority records? What tools in Islandora can help with these processes? How can we help new members and Marmot in training and setting up collections? If you would like to join a best practices working group, email Lacy.
  1. Round Robin Project Discussion (all)
  • Adams State - Working with Jordan on a withdrawal process for digitized theses (a student withdrew permissions).
  • Bud Werner - Moving along with 3WW, discovered a great inventory of historic buildings and trying to attach records in URL form. Question, any procedure to check external links placed in archive? Jordan: none right now, but could be developed in the future. 
  • CCU
  • CMC
  • Englewood
  • EVLD - Set up projects for February and March; two exhibits and batch of hand drawn maps from a geologist. 
  • Fort Lewis - Old student repository now on digital archive, looking at adding more collection at Center of Southwest Studies. 
  • Garfield
  • Gunnison - Cattlemen's days was picked up again after a brief hiatus, just one more physical folder left and then the project will be finished. The next process will be a survey of local cemeteries to tie in with a new genealogy database. Jordan: Other libraries are working on cemeteries, libraries should meet to see if they can share ideas.
  • Mesa County - Working a creating and adding content from Studio Lounge. Also featured on Colorado Matters for an oral history project.
  • Pine River - Entered in 11 yearbooks so far, borrowed metadata from Eagle Valley.
  • Pitkin County - Ran into snags with the size and format of format of videos.
  • Salida - Purchased negative scanner for collection, halfway through the Bob Pierce collection.
  • Vail
  • Western State
  • Any others? AspenCat now has access to the archive, trying to work out a way for them to also add content.
  1. Questions / Comments

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 20, 2018 


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Tuesday, 2018, January 16
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