Meeting Minutes for 04/17/2018

Digital Archive Committee Meeting - Tuesday, April 17, 2018 -  1pm

Pika & Islandora Update - Jordan

  • Have recently had a need to restrict certain collections from showing up outside of the owning library, so that is now an option that is available (it is called Private Collections)
    • This is done at the OPAC Admin level, so can only be done by someone at Marmot
  • Jordan has submitted a ticket to allow libraries to add/remove their collections from the “More Collections from the Archive” scroller, in order to keep the scroller from getting too long
    • Everyone thought this was a good idea, and a way to highlight different collections

Metadata Standards Committee Report - Lacy

  • Presented a long list of suggestions from the Metadata Standards Committee meetings
    • Everyone agreed that suggestions made sense & would improve the archive.
  • The list can be found here

Job Opening - Lacy

  • Lacy is leaving EVLD and moving to the Carbondale Library to become their Branch Manager!
    • If anyone is interested in her job at EVLD, please reach out to her directly.
    • This will be her last DAC meeting.
  • Jordan has agreed to act as a temporary chair for DAC, please send any nominations for new full-time committee chair to her.

Release Forms for Oral Histories - Amy H.

Round Robin

  • Adams State - about to start uploading thesis copies, will be doing training soon with Jordan
  • AspenCat - Amy is working with 5 interested libraries in various levels of readiness to get their ideas and projects organized so they can start adding to digital archive. DPLA feed was sent, had a few glitches with aggregator which are being fixed now, will be re-sent on Friday.
  • Bud Werner - Continuing with 3 Wire Winter, training new staff members to work in digital archive
  • CMC - now have final files for book project
  • Englewood - did not attend
  • EVLD - finishing up projects before Lacy leaves, all the Red Cliff yearbooks are done.
  • Fort Lewis - continuing with journal projects, have several journals which are in Private Collections until they can be reviewed by NAGPRA as they show native american remains. Should have more student work to add soon, and more student workers coming in over the summer.
  • Gunnison - Should wrap up Cattlemen’s Days project this week, working with Director and other interested staff/community members to officially decide on next project.
  • Mesa County - working on Veterans Remember and Studio Lounge/970 West projects
  • Pine River - No news
  • Pitkin - More collections from Aspen, although they haven’t finished the first one, but lots to work on
  • Salida - working on a couple of collections, as well as working with local museum to process boxes of negatives
  • Vail - found a funder for Summer Vail project, not moving very fast on other projects due to lack of staff
  • Western State - no new updates

Big thanks to Lacy for doing a great job as committee chair, and best of luck in her new position. You will be missed!


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, April 17
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