Minutes for 10/07/2014

Discovery Committee Meeting 7 October, 2014

Minutes High Priority Backlog Items:

  • Evoke integration: still waiting on some APIs to be done for full integration
  • Record grouping cleanup: fixed
  • Zinio covers: completed. Can also add browse category for Zinio. Some covers still not showing, but will fix
  • eContent purchased from publishers: all download/circulate properly now
  • Basalt: changes to homepage and how browse categories display. Categories display without scrolling. Option is available to all libraries, but need to contact Mark to implement
  • Genealogy information updated and working.
  • Getting closer to everyone being on VuFind 2014
  • Order records indexing: implemented with some proposed modifications. Mark agreed to poll group for wording changes on available soon vs. coming soon vs. on order. Group also proposed that on order materials should only display that way if all copies are in the same on order status.

Post-meeting update: If allcopies are On Order, the status will show On Order. If all copies are In Process, the status will show as Coming Soon. If at least one copy is anything else, it will show the status as it does today in production (Currently Unavailable, Checked Out, On Shelf, etc). These changes have since been deployed to production.

  • Changes to editions sorting: on fiction titles with more than one edition, the sorting was modified so that title-level holds go on the appropriate edition.
  • Performance: no reports of slowness since Mark’s email, so calling fixed for now. Let Mark know if performance declines again.
  • New server for Anythink in progress; on schedule for Thanksgiving rollout
  • AspenCAT: set up in progress. Server (hosted) is finished, working on indexing next

Next big items:

  • Interaction between availability and format statuses
  • Clean up to available now status
  • Reading history currently slow: typically on large lists. Working on a couple of options. A. Drop some of the sorting (possible short-term fix). B. wait for necessary APIs (Sierra DNA), which is the preferred option.
  • Exporting utility project: base off of location code; automated

Renaming VuFind:

  • Group in general agreed that renaming VuFind was a good idea. Mark agreed to, and has since sent a link to a survey on deciding whether or not to rename it, as well as suggestions for a new name. Release Schedules:
  • 20+ libraries on VuFind 2014. Preference to go with 2 week deployments, where code is deployed on Thursdays, and moved to production on Fridays. Notice will be sent about upcoming deployment with the opportunity to view in Test environments. Major changes likely not deployed every two weeks and would have advanced communication as to the nature of the change(s). Next meeting November 4, 2014 via Webex.
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2014, October 7
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