Minutes for 12/02/2014

Discovery Committee Meeting 2 December, 2014 Minutes

Renaming VuFind 2014+

  • The new name going forward for VuFind is Pika. Staff can start referring to Pika now, and documentation will gradually be updated to reflect the new name. No URL’s will change.

New Member

  • Mark welcomed the Flatirons Library Consortium (Boulder, Broomfield and Louisville) as a new discovery partner

High Priority Backlog itmes

  • Horizon ILS API’s completed for Anythink except self-registration. Will look to use same APIs for Wake County who is also on Horizon (although a later version).
  • Not Showing Volume information. Mark resolved this issue and demoed the new functionality.
  • Resolved issue with slow loading for Basalt and Vail
  • Improvements to performance with long reading history lists. Ultimately need Sierra DNA (APIs) to fully fix this issue.
  • Some syntax issues were modified to the *.opac.marmot.org URL. Libraries should be using just *.marmot.org (no opac). Eventually, the *.opac.marmot.org URL will no longer be supported.
  • Pika now integrates with Zotero for saving searches, lists, etc. Mark demoed this new feature.
  • Birth Date can now optionally be added to patron self-registration. Self-registration does to duplicate checking. If you’d like to know all the settings available for duplicate checking, let Brandon or Mark know.
  • Width issues fixed with widgets
  • List widgets – swiping now works on mobile friendly devices
  • Availability facets: there are now three facets available for limiting searches, and the labeling of the facets are configurable.
  • New configuration option for labeling of username and password fields.
  • Limiting searches by format, then availability fixed
  • Fixed indexing for Aspen Cat, Wake and Anythink.
  • Filtering exports by location code now added for sites who export Pika data to 3rd party vendors, etc. Can also set up FTP to send, just let Mark know.
  • Buena Vista in Pika beginning tomorrow.

New code will deploy Wednesday or Thursday night of this week.


  • A short discussion on self-registration lessons learned, etc. took place to finish the meeting. Although some libraries have implemented it, it’s not heavily used in general, so may revisit this topic in the future.
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2014, December 2
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