Minutes for 01/06/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 6 January, 2015 Minutes

Partner Status

  • Nashville is getting close to going live
  • Wake County is getting close (on a Horizon system using Horizon Web Services)
  • AspenCAT is getting close (Koha)
  • Flatirons Library Consortium is also going well with good progress

High Priority Backlog Items

  • Musical scores at CCU were being tagged as books now fixed.
  • Games format refined: format mostly uses 007 and 008 tags, and sometimes collection and subject fields
  • Fine information on patron accounts now displays more detail.
  • Display improvements made for libraries who don’t post hours.
  • Adjustments/improvements made to Browse Category functionality.
  • Staff view: new Reload Enrichment button added. Can be used if things like description are incorrect. If still no success can report the issue (see Helpdesk Wiki for instructions).
  • Hoopla: new process for loading in MARC records; more dynamic and when Hoopla drops content, records in Pika will go away as well automatically. Hope to use API’s down the road.
  • Overdrive streaming video format now integrated.  Reading history: copy of reading history now stored in Pika as well; initial turning on of reading history can take a while, but loads fast after that. Deleted history in Sierra will still appear in Pika account. Overdrive history now working

Upcoming Development:

  • Continue with new members set up.
  • Improvements to indexing
  • Fixes to Excel reports.
  • Server testing for partners.
  • Improvements to book covers.


Library.Simplified is an app created by NYPL, which is a format-neutral app for ebooks so can read books from Overdrive, 3M, etc. (epubs and pdfs). The app is currently available for iOS (Apple) only, with plans for future development. NYPL is working with Mark in using Pika’s record grouping feature for their app. 

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, January 6
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